The legend of the Ant People of the Hopi tribe and Anunnaki connections

One of the Native American tribes descended from the prehistoric inhabitants of the southwestern region of the United States, known today as the Four Corners, are the Hopi people. The enigmatic Anasazi, also known as the Ancients, were a tribe of the ancient Pueblo people who suddenly flourished and disappeared between 550 and 1,300 years AD. The Hopi are one of the oldest existing tribes in the world because of their long history.

Hopi Snake Hunters retornando em Sunset, Arizona

Hopituh Shi-nu-mu, or Peaceful People, is the traditional name of the Hopi people. Hopi traditions have a strong foundation in morality and ethics, which suggests a reverence for all living beings. Traditionally, they followed Maasaw, the Creator, as their guide. In contrast to other mythologies in which the gods emerged from the sky, the Hopi thought that the gods emerged from the earth. According to their mythology, ants lived in the center of the Earth.

Os três Hopi Mesas se alinham perfeitamente com a constelação de Orion

Gary David, a freelance researcher and author of some incredible books on extraterrestrial encounters, has spent 30 years of his life learning about the Hopi way of life in South Dakota. He said that they discovered the philosophy in the substance of the stars in the sky, which depict the geography of the Earth. There is research that supports this notion, which suggests a connection between the stars in Orion’s belt and the three pyramids of Giza. The Hopi Mesa in the southwest and the same constellation Orion are similarly correlated by Gary David News, which is an interesting discovery.

O povo formiga de hopi
The Ant People of Hopi

The three stars that make up Orion’s belt are at their brightest at the beginning of the year. And each of the pyramids is aligned with them. This particular constellation of stars has been given meaning by many other cultures, demonstrating how fascinating the heavens have been to mankind for a long time. David also reflected on the subject as he began to examine the sky, the Hopi settlements and their ruins.

Noting that the primary stars in the constellation of Orion and in Orion’s belt were all aligned with these communities. The Hopi people, extraterrestrial life and the significance of the other planets in the solar system were taken very seriously. He also studied the artwork that was on the cave walls, and this led to some fascinating discoveries. He discovered numerous hieroglyphs that correspond to contemporary charts of star and constellation patterns in the rocks and caves of the Mesa communities.

Arte da caverna do Escudo Voador de hopi

Petroglyphs (rock carvings or pictograms), cave drawings depicting beings with thin bodies, huge eyes, and bulbous heads, occasionally with extended antennae, can be found throughout the southwestern United States. These enigmatic individuals are usually depicted in a prayer posture, with their knees and elbows bent in a manner similar to an ant’s legs. There are many claims that the ant-like creatures reflect contemporary concepts of alien life, and some people think that the Hopi tribe has seen and communicated with extraterrestrials.

Hopi survival depended on the ant people not once, but twice, according to one of the most fascinating Hopi legends.

Hopi traditions have time cycles that are reminiscent of many other mythologies, including Aztec mythology. They also thought that the gods would return at the end of each cycle. The fourth world, as they refer to it, or the next cycle, is what we are currently living in. The third cycle of these cycles – during which the Hopi discuss Flying Shields – is particularly fascinating. Similar to what many other traditions relate, the fourth cycle globe developed a sophisticated civilization that was eventually wiped out by God, Sotuknang – the nephew of the Creator, with massive floods.

By outlining how developed the third world was, sophisticated “flying shields” were created with the ability to assault distant cities and move quickly between various points on the globe. It’s amazing how much they resemble modern flying saucers or even sophisticated aircraft.

The so-called first world was ostensibly consumed by fire, although it could also have been destroyed by an asteroid strike, some sort of volcanism, or coronal mass ejection from the Sun. Ice, Ice Age glaciers or a shift in the poles destroyed the Second World.

The upright members of the Hopi tribe were brought to the sky deity Sotuknang during these two world calamities by a curiously formed cloud during the day and a moving star during the night. Sotuknang then forwarded them to the Hopi ant, Anu Sinom. The Hopi were then led by the Ant People to underground caves, where they were given refuge and food.

Provas Visuais Antigas de Inteligência Superior
Ancient Visual Evidence of Superior Intelligence. They are surrounded by bizarre shapes that may represent concepts beyond the comprehension of prehistoric man. Possibly a UFO?

According to this mythology, the ant people are kind and diligent, offering the Hopi food when there is a shortage and instructing them in the advantages of food preservation. The Hopi, who declared these words before the beginning of the Fourth World, are said to follow the path of peace, according to Native American wisdom:

A Lista de Reis Sumérios

Look, I washed even the footprints of your Apparition, the steps I left you. At the bottom of the seas are all the proud cities, the flying shields and worldly treasures corrupted by evil, and the people who did not find time to sing praises to the Creator from the top of their hills. But the day will come, if you keep the memory and meaning of your Apparition, when those steps will appear again to demonstrate the truth you speak.

Furthermore, according to Hopi legend, Maasau led the survivors of the previous world’s flood as they dispersed to various locations following his sign in the sky. When Maasau arrived, he sketched a petroglyph of a woman riding a wingless dome-shaped ship. The day of purification, when genuine Hopi will travel to other worlds in those wingless ships, is represented by this petroglyph.

Many claim that flying shields or wingless spacecraft are unmistakably “Unidentified Flying Objects”, or UFOs as we know them today.

Other engravings and images would inspire hypotheses about other extraterrestrial races that may have interacted with humanity on the distant continent of Sumeria, interacting with and possibly altering their genetic makeup. The Anunnaki were those creatures.

The Anunnaki were a race of beings from the planet Nibiru who created humanity by taking Earth’s native inhabitants and mixing their DNA with that of aliens, according to ancient Sumerian writings dating back 20,000 years. The master race thought to have descended from the heavens were the Anunnaki. And if you believed that coming from the heavens, it was believed that through his teachings, the Sumerians learned to live in the world and care for it until the gods of creation returned, just as the hopiant people were there to impart knowledge to mankind about their planet and how to use its resources.

The language connection is intriguing to note. Anu was the name of the Babylonian sky god. The Hopi term for ant is Anu, and the root word for friends in Hopi is Naki. As a result, the Anunnaki Sumerians, or beings who once descended from heaven to earth, and the Hopi “nu-Naki”, or ants’ allies, may have been one and the same. The Anasazi, who were the ancestors of the Hopi, used a similar pronunciation. This phrase can be found in another belief system in a different region of the planet. This is just an interesting note, not to claim that it demonstrates anything.

Selo cilíndrico acadiano
Akkadian cylinder seal dated to c. 2300 BC depicting the deities Inanna, Utu and Enki, three members of the Anunnaki © Wikimedia Commons

Is it a coincidence or is it proof? Is it conceivable to assume that the Ant People and the Anunnaki were the same creatures that came to Earth in the distant past to help our ancestors? Is there any chance that these tales could be connected somehow?

The fact that the creation stories of the Southwest Hopi and the ancient Sumerians are so similar makes one wonder if there is any true relationship between them. He also notes that human curiosity for celestial communication long predates 20th-century UFO sightings. It is troubling to consider that similar questions may have been asked in earlier times as we continue to look to the sky for solutions.

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