Massive Submerged Minotaur Statue Discovered in Argentina

They are concerned in Neuquén. The presence of a weird statue of a minotaur at the bottom of a lake has piqued the interest of hundreds of people in the Patagonian region, and so far, there are more questions than answers to such a sighting.

It’s a one-and-a-half-meter-tall metal and cement figure with two horns on its head and a safe in place of a heart. The finding of such a thing in Lake Mari Menuco disturbed everyone in Neuquén: “We went through a lot of emotions.” “First the terror, then the amazement, and then we wait,” one of the area’s residents told the local newspaper.

These statements were spoken by Cristian, a 23-year-old young guy who was among those who witnessed such a sight at the bottom of the sea. When the young man was touring the mirror of water in his kayak, around 6 meters from the coast, he saw it.

He told LMCipolletti that as soon as he spotted the sculpture in the depths, he bolted out of there. Curiosity got the better of him, and he returned to find out what it was.

“He was a minotaur,” says the narrator. I was initially terrified. You can see that there are many misconceptions regarding water, and while we all joke about them, I believe that some of them are accurate. Or, at the very least, all my suspicions regarding otherworldly creatures were verified at that time. In a testimonial that went viral, he confirmed that he was a minotaur.

According to TN, Cristian grew intrigued with the issue following the discovery and became a real water lover. As a result, once the first fright had gone, he decided to return to the place with a group of friends, where he discovered a fresh surprise.

Cristian returned to the area where the minotaur was discovered 14 days later, accompanied by several friends who he wanted to witness for himself what he had recounted to them in words.

In addition, I had done a lot of study on minotaurs and needed to double-check my findings: He stumbled upon the Mapuche phrase “gen ko,” which refers to the protecting forces of each location.

“Each part of nature has its own identity, which is why the Mapuche always seek permission before entering the lake or felling a tree.” “They seek this gen ko for that authorization,” the young guy explained.

The lake, on the other hand, had another surprise in store for him on the day he returned: he wanted to go to the sculpture but couldn’t. “Whoever designed it constructed it in this way so that it can only be viewed from above, without having to descend down,” Christian explained.

It was at that point that one of the friends saw another sculpture at the bottom of the sea, close to the statue. It was a human face that measured one meter forty from chin to forehead and one meter broad. It features an open mouth, marked lips, and a phrase “eternal voyage” on each cheekbone. “Imagine how things were back then. “The new discovery was lauded,” she guaranteed.

They still don’t know who dumped them at the bottom of the Mari Menuco, but they’ve promised to return for answers once the cold has passed.

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