Ufologist Discover Underwater Alien Base – The Great Lakes – North America

An expert ufologist has claimed that there is an underwater alien base hidden beneath the surface of the Great Lakes in North America

In order to support this theory, he analyzed a series of pictures published by Christine McNaughton. What we can see in them is the sun encircled by four reddish rings, lighting up the skies all around the area.

Scott C. Warring argued that this phenomenon could have been made possible by several factors, one of which is basically “aliens” who may have caused an over abundance of energy over the lake.

Another outlandish theory or conspiracy is that the phenomenon might have been caused by the impact of the mysterious Planet X, or Nibiru – supposedly the planet where the Annunaki came from. Nah, not yet.

One of the most plausible reasons is supported by Mike Man, who said that geoengineering chemicals might have produced a distortion in our lens.

However, the phenomenon Christine caught on her camera is not actually new, since many incidents similar to this one have been reported in recent years, one of them occurred only a few years ago, in 2014. Moreover, an Italian named Alfredo Lo Brutto took note of an unusual glow in the clouds over the Tyrrhenian Sea, with a shape resembling that of Jesus Christ.

UFO communities showed a high interest in this topic. Watch the video below and tell us your opinion.


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