UFO Follows Coast Guard Plane as Bradenton Beach, Florida, Becomes a UFO Hotspot

Unless you live on the Gulf coast of Florida, you’ve probably never heard of Bradenton Beach – a tiny hamlet on the barrier island of Anna Maria Island. If you live in Bradenton Beach, you may think your hidden island getaway has been discovered … not by tourists but by extraterrestrials. A report this week of a Bradenton Beach police officer spotting a large UFO following a Coast Guard plane wondering if it might be the same space tourists who were spotted in 2021 … or 2018 … or 2016 … or 2010 … or maybe that thieving spacecraft seen by multiple witnesses in 1973 hovering over the river just across the Intracoastal Waterway in nearby Bradenton that was observed siphoning water from the river. What is attracting UFOs to Bradenton Beach?

Or who is atracting the UFOs to Bradenton Beach?

“I saw a Coast Guard plane flying over the bay, then I watch them turn back toward the Gulf. I thought what the heck is that as I look up and saw a big black thing in the sky. I’m estimating based on the size of the plane in the sky, it was at least the size of a car, or maybe a small aircraft.”

Bradenton Beach Police Officer Charles Morose told the Anna Maria Island Sun about the UFO he observed on November 5th, 2022, over Coquina Beach at the southern end of Anna Maria Island. Morose told the AMI Sun it appeared the Coast Guard plane was aware of the UFO because it suddenly banked and began following it. That wasn’t difficult since he observed the UFO was barely moving … that is, until it appeared to sense the plane closing in. At that point, he knew he wasn’t looking at a human-made aircraft.

“That thing had to be moving at least 500 mph. It just shot off like a rocket toward the horizon and it was just gone. I’m no UFO conspiracy theorist, and I’m not saying it was from space or anything like that, but there was something in the sky and it was hauling butt.”

What was Police Officer Morose looking at? He swears it wasn’t a drone or a bird – neither can move like this object did. Fortunately, he was able to capture a photo of the plane and the UFO. (See it here.) This being Florida, the first guess might be another aircraft from one of the many nearby military bases. The AMI Sun contacted the nearby U.S. Coast Guard Station Cortez where the plane undoubtedly came from, but was told the base had reported no incidents with UFOs. Could this be a cover-up?

Outkick.com points out that Bradenton Beach is just across the Tampa Bay from MacDill Air Force Base which could easily be testing experimental aircraft as part of its function as the headquarters for the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) which oversees the various special operations of all of the U.S. military branches. Or it could be attracting experimental aircraft from other countries. But other planets? Eglin Air Force Base is also on Florida’s Gulf coast west of MacDill in the Florida panhandle – Eglin is the headquarters for the 96th Test Wing test and evaluation center for Air Force air-delivered weapons, navigation and guidance systems. Could this be the source of the UFO? A military explanation for Officer Morose’s UFO might be feasible. But … what about all of the other UFOs being seen regularly around Bradenton Beach?

“UFO sightings in Bradenton Florida have been common. For instance, there’s tweets that date back to 2010. As a result, will Bradenton become the next Area 51 for the UFO crowd. With white sand beaches and E.T in the skies it could be quite a draw.”

ESPN Southwest Florida has links to a number of past UFO sightings in and around Bradenton Beach. In September 2022, a witness saw a “UFO that looked like a passenger train on Anna Maria Island.” On Christmas Eve 2021, a witness with “two engineering degrees” took photographs of a UFO off the coast of Anna Maria Island that he couldn’t explain. (See the photos here.) A witness was “freaking out:” after seeing “a UFO in Anna Maria Island” in 2018. In 2006, the Herald Tribune reported on two UFO witnesses. Ed Straight, retired EMS chief for Manatee County, said a bright white light followed his car on U.S. 41 north of Palmetto in 1996 and the object was flying too low to be a helicopter. “It felt like energy coming down. I lost a little bit of time.” He claimed there was another witness. Jackie Miller saw a bright pulsing UFO in 1979. That night a tornado demolished aluminum trailers in the area and she believed it was linked to the UFO.

“At the river he pulled his car off the road onto an embankment, as he started to turn the car around, the high beams from his car picked up a silvery reflecting object hovering 20 feet above the river. A tube extended from the object to the surface of the water. «I just sat there a second,» Thrush stated, then he took his camera from the car and took two photographs, using a strobe. The camera was a Canon FT-QL with a 55mm lens.

As soon as the flash went off, the tube, which had been at an angle, straightened up and began retracting into the object. When the tube disappeared, the object headed toward the embankment where Trush was standing. He said he heard several loud clanks and a splash, indicating that something had dropped in the water.”

In 1973, Patrick Thrush took a photo of what he believed was a flying saucer sucking water from the Branden River just across the waterway from Bradenton Beach. (See the photo here.) He claimed the object changed colors and pulsed, and then flew over his car, after which he found warm rocks on the ground. Thrush estimated that the object was about 30 feet in diameter. Two other witnesses later came forward with accounts of bright UFOs in the same area at the same time.

How many UFOs do you need to become a hotspot?

Is Bradenton Beach a UFO hotspot? One UFO sightings listing puts it in the top 15 cities in Florida for UFO sightings with 73 as of July 2022. That’s pretty good, although Miami leads with 434. Nearby Tampa is at number 4 with 244 UFO sightings. This could be a good argument for the UFOs being test aircrafts from the many bases in Florida. But the photos don’t look like anything flying today. And the performance characteristics reported by witnesses are often impossible to believe. Then there is the UFO siphoning water from a river. What human-made aircraft does that?

If you live in Bradenton Beach, keep your eyes to the skies and phones ready and fully charged … you’re a UFO hotspot!

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