UFO Encounter with Aliens Don Shrum Exclusive Video

: UFO encounter with aliens. “On September 4, 1964, 28-year-old Donald Shrum and a group of friends were hunting with a bow and arrow in Cisco Grove, in Placer County, California. In the midst of the excitement of the hunt, Shrum somehow became separated from the rest of his group. He then decided to sleep in a tree for safety as night approached. However, his peace would not last long, as he saw a white light moving in a zigzag motion through the low-lying trees.

At first Shrum thought it was a helicopter, so he jumped down from the tree and started lighting flares to attract attention. He supposed that his friends had launched a rescue party. Finally, the light turned towards him and stopped about fifty meters from the tree. As the object landed, he realized that it was clearly not a helicopter, and was instead something completely foreign to him. The UFO was apparently cigar-shaped and the size of a 14-story building.

According to a description of the incident given by two ufologists on Coast to Coast AM. A smaller scout ship was ejected from the large ship, which landed nearby. The mother ship and the scout ship as illustrated in Noe Torres\’ book \’Aliens in the Forest: The Cisco Grove UFO Encounter\’. Now frightened, Shrum scrambled back up the tree for safety and a better vantage point. After a short period of time, three alien beings approached the tree.

Two of them were humanoids described as being just over five feet tall, with a silver uniform covering their heads. The description given on Coast to Coast AM also suggested that the entities were wearing something resembling welder\’s goggles. The third one came up a bit later in the encounter and looked like a classic sci-fi robot. It was darker in color and had two reddish-orange eyes. Instead of a mouth, the robot had a slit-shaped opening that opened like an oven door. Shrum\’s surprise soon turned to panic as the entities began shaking the tree, trying to dislodge it from its perch.

He vividly remembers the robot-like entity dropping its lower jaw on him. Finally, before reaching the interior of the rectangular hole thus revealed and emitting a puff of smoke in the direction of Shrum.

This smoke would then spread out like a mist and cause him to lose consciousness upon reaching it. Shrum regained consciousness again, the beings were still trying to pull him out of the tree and he felt nauseated. He tried to drive the entities away by throwing pieces of burning clothing and matches at them. Which caused them to step back momentarily before continuing their assault. He also observed that the UFO\’s audio signals seemed to influence the behavior of the occupants.

Finally in an ending to the first confrontation worthy of an action movie. Shrum managed to charge and fire an arrow at the invaders, hitting the robot. This impact caused a spark to fly from the creature, indicating that it was indeed metallic. He fired two more arrows at the beings, each time causing them to scatter away from the tree. However, even this daring retaliation did not cause the aliens to retreat. Since they were soon joined by a second robot. Which, once again, used a white vapor coming out of its mouth to knock Shrum unconscious. When Shrum woke up again, the two non-robot humanoids were climbing the tree.

He managed to dislodge them by shaking the tree and throwing various objects at them. These strange attacks continued, intermittently, for most of the night. As dawn approached, they came to the most humanoid place. Soon after, a large volume of the strange smoke caused Shrum to lose consciousness once more. When Shrum woke up again, the aliens were finally gone, but he was only hanging from the tree by his belt.

He was soon rescued and reunited with the hunters. One of them (Vincent Alvarez) had also been lost during the night and had seen the same UFO, corroborating part of his story. Sadly, Donald Shrum was the only one who saw the otherworldly invaders that night.” See Video Here Don Shrum talks about his encounter with UFOs.

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