Immense Object Of Very Unusual Shape, Recorded By The ISS Right Above The Earth

During a live NASA transmission, a big object with an unusual form was caught in space, positioned above the Earth’s atmosphere. The strange photographs we’re showing you today are related to the appearance of a massive UFO that was taken by a camera atop the International Space Station.

This camera is often used for photographing and recording the northern lights and other comparable occurrences that occur both in the Earth’s atmosphere and in near-Earth space. However, a massive UFO was caught during NASA’s live broadcast on June 9, 2021. NASA has not provided any explanation for this UFO sighting. An astronaut-researcher, who regularly monitors the International Space Station live transmission, was stunned to discover the existence of a large object and recorded it. “This video was shot using a mobile phone from NASA’s LIVE YouTube channel, therefore it appears a little hazy,” the video’s creator explained.

Which information did the researcher get? Skeptics will be quick to claim that this is just a video processing problem, but this is not the case. UFO, a sentient organic entity capable of surviving in space, the military’s secret space object? What are your thoughts about the subject?

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