Luminous sphere in Wales: UFO spotted flying over the sky

A mysterious luminous sphere was captured flying over the Welsh sky, which caused the reaction of many theorists and researchers, who suggested it could be a UFO.

Esfera luminosa no País de Gales: OVNI é pego voando sobre o céu noturno

This phenomenon has been captured in various parts of the world in recent years. When witnesses report the presence of a luminous sphere in the sky, no government entity can explain.

Now, witnesses have caught one of these anomalous objects flying over Wales and theorists believe it could be an unidentified flying object.

Luminous sphere flies over Wales
Reports from the event revealed that the video was shot in North Wales. In the images, a luminous sphere is seen moving in the night sky, as if something or someone is guiding it.

During filming, the cameraman comments that the object was bright enough to be seen with the naked eye. Regardless of being at a considerable distance.

Still, he says he’s not sure if the object was traveling towards him or away from him. However, he quickly concluded that he was not the center of attention.

Another aspect of the strange luminous sphere is that it seemed to drastically change direction as it flew across the sky. Something that no ground-powered vehicle is capable of. This also rules out that it was some meteorological phenomenon.

The strange video about this mysterious UFO sparked a debate on social media and internet forums. Many, trying to decipher the object’s origin.

Different theories, few answers
One of the users stated that he had witnessed a very similar event in the south of the country a few years ago.

Esfera luminosa no País de Gales: OVNI é pego voando no céu noturno

It was also emphasized that the UFO seen in the video does not have navigation lights or a frame. These are classic features of UFOs, no matter what their origin or what that object is.

Likewise, many users were not entirely convinced by what is shown in the video. In fact, one of the users commented that it could be a ride in an attraction at an amusement park or a fair. He even points out that at the end of the video, it appears to be a Ferris wheel.

Regardless of the origin of this mysterious luminous sphere, be it an Unidentified Flying Object or an attraction, this adds to the immense number of sightings of similar objects that have been captured in recent years.

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