Alien on Mars: NASA Website Provides Proof of Alien Bird on Mars

NASA captured another image of an alien on mars. This time, the image shows a bird-like figure flying through the skies of the red planet. The image might not have the best definition, but the fact that finding a flying alien could be the key to finding life from other planets.

Since it was released, this black-and-white image provided by the Curiosity Rover has gone viral. The original footage went viral on YouTube, and notable ufologists weighed in on the topic.

Scot Warring uploaded one of the first discussions about the alien bird from Mars, and people love it. In his video, he shared some of his thoughts with the world.

1 Alien on Mars NASA Website Provides Proof of Alien Bird on Mars

As previously stated, the image has a bird-like figure in it. It resembles birds from Earth, and it is seen flying in the sky of Mars. However, Scot Warring doesn’t believe the rover took this photo on Mars.

He claims that the “figure” captured by the rover was not authentic. He said the rover captured the footage on Devon Island, Canada, instead of Mars. He called out the government for confusing the public by releasing photographs from Earth and claiming Curiosity took them on Mars.

2 Alien on Mars NASA Website Provides Proof of Alien Bird on Mars

Like Mars, Devon Island also has harsh climate conditions. This may be why NASA decided to use this place for their photo-op of the falsified image of a bird on Mars. Warring claims that people from NASA used the island to test their rovers, which is when they took the image.

There have always been controversies and weird anomalies when images of life on other planets are released to the public. You can watch Warring’s video below and decide for yourself.

Most of you remember that the real Curiosity rover on Mars captured another alien photograph. However, the said image found something else entirely. It shows a crab-like alien on a rock formation that looked like it was luring in prey.

After some investigation, the crab-like alien was concluded to have had tentacles instead of legs. And it might have been pretending to be smaller than it was to lure prey easier.

So, which one of these aliens on mars was real? Keep researching and decide for yourself.

3 Alien on Mars NASA Website Provides Proof of Alien Bird on Mars

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