Nibiru, the planet that could actually be an Annunaki ship

Researcher claims that Nibiru is actually a great spaceship of the Anunnaki race.
Nibiru is a planet described in Babylonian mythology that is believed to be slowly advancing towards our planet and when it arrives it will cause great destruction and chaos. However, is Nibiru really a great ship of the Anunnaki? The defenders of the theory offer some evidence in favor of it.

What are the Anunnaki?

Anunnaki is historically recorded as a god in Sumerian mythology. But to extraterrestrial life researchers and proponents of the ancient astronaut theory, the Anunnaki were actually an alien civilization that visited Earth and created humans.

According to Sumerian tradition, the Anunnaki came to earth in search of gold, because they needed this precious metal to save their own planet, so in order for the slaves to mine gold for them, the Anunnaki created humans, but these people eventually became they rebelled to get rid of the race.

Nibiru and the Anunnaki

In this line of thought, some say that Nibiru is a hidden planet in our solar system that has been linked to the destruction of other planets and the mass extinction that occurred on Earth. However, the description of Nibiru does not seem to match the description of the planet.

Since the planets are affected by gravitational phenomena and other celestial bodies, many people believe that Nibiru is actually a huge spaceship, hidden in our solar system and flying, with the Anunnaki on board, as if it were a watchman over the planet. universe.

The arrival of the Anunnaki

If so, it would mean that we are not approached by a rogue planet, but by a real alien ship. In the end, we do not know what the intentions of these creatures are for our planet, are they destroyers or protectors? We just don’t know.


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