The recent declassification of 1,500 documents involved shedding light on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program or AATIP.

The latter was the United States Department of Defense’s secret unidentified flying object or UFO program. The publication about the AATIP was made possible by The Sun.

This British tabloid newspaper referred to the released Pentagon documents as “the bombshell.” The Sun was involved in a four-year legal fight and freedom of information request

Based on the released files, the Pentagon affirmed that time travel is real and people can visit other worlds via this mechanism and anti-gravity technologies that may be available to them to facilitate this endeavor.

Additionally, the documents comprised intentions to send multiple single-pilot spacecraft to head to deep space and reportedly invade it, and research regarding how people can control robots using their minds.

Although discovery has been made that a human being cannot fly over four spacecraft, scientists wonder if people’s brains can be developed to enhance this capacity, per the Pentagon’s papers.

One of the AATIP documents discusses how anti-gravity technology can be utilized to make spacecraft and airships. It indicated that the impacts are achievable through controlling space-time.

The method of manipulating gravity was also a part of the files. The report cited that it may be likely to make exotic phenomena like time machines and faster-than-light journeys. It added that the so-called wormholes in space-time could be employed for interstellar travel.

Moreover, the AATIP report explores how nuclear-powered rockets and spacecraft will let people erect bridges over the layers of icy materials surrounding the sun to discover other Earth-like planets.

The documents shed light on how people can talk to aliens and research the health effects of people who have witnessed unidentified flying objects or UFOs or encountered aliens.

The AATIP, which was formed in 2007 and dissolved in 2012, was associated with the Pentagon UFO video presentations.

Its former director, Luis Elizondo, believed that the existence of aliens or UFOs had been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Although the AATIP has been defunct, officials of the United States Department of Defense admitted that there had been approximately 150 UFO reports from military pilots since 2004, which includes unwanted civilian pregnancies and captures.

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