The alien skulls discovered in Africa that could change the world

Additionally, they feature extremely high amounts of iridium, a common element found in meteorites.
Several skulls of extraordinary size and shape, belonging to creatures from other worlds, have recently been discovered in Africa. There have always been many people who refuse to believe the theories and evidence that we are not alone in the universe, but after this shocking discovery, they might change their minds…

Alien skulls?

There is talk of fossilized skulls that could be extraterrestrial skulls, these skulls have a very similar shape to that of human skulls and are the most mysterious that have been found so far, the image that we attach is real. This questions and completely challenges all the theories of evolution that have existed until now.

These skulls are one of many that resemble human skulls, although some of their features indicate that they are not human skulls as we know them. The size of the top of the head exceeds any previously documented proportions, just like the alien heads we are used to seeing in movies and shows. The eyes are huge and the jaw is sharp, there is no doubt that these skulls do not belong to humans.

What does this discovery mean?

These skulls are usually much more disturbing than previously found skulls, although their shape remains the same. The most interesting thing is that these skulls date back more than 14 million years and also contain very high amounts of iridium, a common element in meteorites, which confirms that these skulls are not terrestrial, but an extraterrestrial civilization that could have inhabited Earth long before us.

Sometimes we believe that even our own eyes are deceiving us, because they have lied to us countless times over the decades, hiding the truth from us, and when we look at videos or photos, there is always the possibility that they have been edited to deceive us. But these skulls have been discovered in recent years, they are real and have caused a lot of controversy around the world.

Every time we get closer to the truth and with this new evidence there is no doubt that man may be the only reasonably intelligent being in the vastness of the universe, does this skull really tell us that aliens have inhabited the earth for a long time? ? before us? It’s exciting to think about, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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