Secret Revealed: Underwater Races of “EXTRATERRESTRIAL” Origin

Emery Smith a person who worked in secret US army organizations and revealed shocking information about aliens such as: underwater races of extraterrestrial origin.

In the previous installment Emery Smith revealed where he keeps top secret information about aliens and the clandestine organization behind it. The following are the details of some species he learned by working in secret bases.

Aquatic Races of Extraterrestrial Origin

Smith told host David Wilcock: “I think I should talk about water planets inhabited by aliens. You know everyone thinks that aliens only appear in movies, but that’s not the case.

On Earth we have creatures that live in water or come from an aquatic planet. These types of creatures come from the grouping of the Seven and we call them Aquafarians, one of the first aliens to live in water. They don’t necessarily [have to live in water], but their planet is 98% water. ”

And of course I’m fascinated by dolphins and whales. I have a good connection with them. I took a lot of underwater photos and I have a great relationship with these fish and other mammals. ”

Smith said that he worked with these alien sea creatures in Kirtland and other secret bases. He claims that many legends about mermaids are based on people encountering them by chance, specifically in a conversation with David Wilcock:

Smith: There are many types of aliens that live in the aquatic environment. Some look like manatees, some look like dolphins and some are even shaped from the waist down to look like scales and have fins on the outer edge. But from the chest up they look quite human.

David: Are these the fellow living aliens you encountered at the bases?

Smith: Yeah… And I think that might be where mermaids come from. I think historically the times when sailors saw these creatures probably originated on this planet.

There are many underwater cities that people have found, but the government doesn’t want people to know that they are located there. Not because they were submerged in water, but because that’s where they really lived, the cities under the ocean.

And it also proves the fact that these aliens lived here and at one time they flourished. And I know you also have a good understanding of the history of mermaids and some of the extraterrestrials across Asia. ”

alien reptiles

Another race of aliens that Emery Smith discussed in depth in a July 10 interview with David Wilcock at Cosmic Disclosure is the reptile alien. He claimed to have encountered this alien race while working on secret projects:

David: I find it very interesting: when we look at Indian history through the epic Mahabharata and the Vedas, we find mentions of a fierce race of Reptiles known as Rakshasas, but also a race of benevolent Reptiles known as Nagas who built the temples.

Smith: That’s right.

David: And we also see many stone inscriptions about a creature that looks like a human but has a reptile-like tail (like a snake). So do you think the alien reptiles you’re talking about might have appeared in Indian civilization around the time these inscriptions were made?

Smith: Yes, I 100% believe that. I know all the documents you mentioned. I know about the statues you’re talking about. I know about the amulets they make with them [the statues] and some of the carvings underneath them.

So I agree that the alien reptiles I’ve worked with… are gentle looking human-like, hybrid-type people exalted as Gods.

David: What’s interesting is that Pete Peterson also claims that there is a race of benevolent reptiles. And he also told me that they are very interested in our religious growth in our spiritual growth and stated that they are very intelligent, very advanced and they really want us to become virtuous and learn to live in harmony with each other.

Smith: Yes, I agree with that. They have a religious background that I don’t fully understand. But they have great faith in that they also carry amulets and jewelry to show their faith in this religious context.

Sometimes they also have special clothes for occasions like traditional holidays that they can wear or wear as scarves or ribbons on their arms. And that honors the religion you’re talking about. This religious background teaches them that they are the first beings in the solar system and in the universe. ”

Smith’s revelations about him working with various types of aliens in secret bases show the extent of these alien races’ secret diplomatic agreements with the United States and the United States. Other important countries. And these agreements can grant legal status under international law even though they have never been ratified by the US Senate.

For decades, the aliens have silently cooperated with all elements of the military-industrial complex on secret bases. In fact many projects related to advanced extraterrestrial beings are under the control of aerospace corporations that operate in strict confidentiality and almost no government surveillance is a major cause for concern.


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