NASA detects “something” moving on the surface of Mars (Video)

Mars has long been a place of interest. NASA and other space agencies are preparing to send humans to the red planet in hopes that one day we can call this place home.

Interestingly, in recent years, new probes and rovers have found some interesting things on the surface, leading to the downfall of photographs and the putting forward of theories about the findings.

A photograph that was captured some time ago shows what appear to be lodging marks on the surface of Mars along with an object at the end, which appears to be curving at an angle.

When the images were first captured, people shared their thoughts on what they thought this object was, with some noting that there appear to be two objects within this image with both taking a sharp turn.

It’s hard to guess how big these objects are or how big the footprints they left behind, but as some have mentioned, they should be big enough for the probe to pick up.

Researchers said water can remain liquid long enough after emerging from an underground source before it freezes completely.

This leads us to think that there are many secrets that NASA keeps, this official agency is not going to expand the real knowledge it has about the planet Mars, nor what may be happening below its surface.

What do you think of these interesting findings and what do you think these photographs show?

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