There are extraterrestrial hybrids “infiltrated” in our society

There are extraterrestrial hybrids
“Metallic discs” piloted by aliens, but with some sort of intelligence or intelligence far more advanced than ours.

Over the years, it has been proven that everyone who encounters the Unidentified suffers a mental opening that completely transforms their personality and that of those around them.

We face intelligences that are capable of dealing with space, time and matter at will. If we accept this, it is possible that these intelligences could also take on the appearance of a human being… right?

According to a study by Ohio State University, and the University of Minnesota, called “Sovereignty and UFOs”, he argued that, possibly, society is not yet ready to accept the existence of a different species, much less a superior one.

This is why most of society is simply limited to the possibility of UFOs. David Jacobs of the US radio show CoastToCoast AM warned that the marginalization of abductees served to hide an ongoing agenda focused on overcoming the planet through human ET hybrids.

According to his research, this plan consists of gradually populating the Earth with these entities, which he calls “hybrids”, who look and act like normal human beings, but in reality are hybrids that possess mental abilities.

Ever since hybrids were created and raised off-planet, Jacobs said, human aliens are being used by aliens to educate and empower entities for easier assimilation into our society and culture.

While Jacobs admitted that he has yet to decipher the reason behind this surreptitious infestation of the planet, he expressed certainty that humans are about to become a second-rate species to the hybrids that are usurping our world.

And not only does David Jacobs believe that alien hybrids are being assimilated into our society and culture, but Oxford professor Dr. Young-hae Chi also believes that human-alien hybrid species are among us.

“They come not for us, but for them, their survival, but their survival is also our survival, the survival of the entire biosphere,” said Chi, who has written a book in Korean on the topic “Extraterrestrial Visits and the End of Humanity.” ”.

It’s no accident that visitors now seem like the Earth is facing major problems, such as the proliferation of nuclear weapons and climate change, he said. What do you think? Watch the video below and leave your comment below.


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