Strange Recording Of UFO Opening Dimensional Portal (Video)

UFO opening dimensional portal the video caused controversy among netizens due to the strangeness of the situation and is perhaps the largest recorded alien event in the world.
UFO opening dimensional portal on social networks, a video circulates where an unidentified flying object can be seen disappearing in fractions of seconds towards another dimension.

In the footage, a UFO opens a dimensional portal that glows fluorescent blue and disappears after a few seconds, according to MVS Portal.

An opening portal of OVNI Dimension media indicated that the event took place in Sonora. However, Thai portals have reported for a long time. No matter where it was recorded this is awesome.

Although the recording only took 28 seconds, it has produced hundreds of views. So much so that it has become a viral phenomenon. In its spread on social networks, netizens wondered if it was really a UFO that opened a dimensional portal. As others point out, it is possible to observe how the lights form the platforms of alien ships.

The recording of the alleged UFO with a large number of reproductions, has gone viral, but after its dissemination on social networks. Several netizens doubt its veracity, others point out that it is clearly observed how the lights form an alien ship platform.


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