“Alien rescue will come from our oceans” (Video)

“An alien race lived in our oceans even before humans appeared on Earth.”

The subject of underwater UFO bases is a very big part of ufology, hundreds of times it has been seen how strange flying objects have hidden under water or appeared from the water.

This does not mean that we have only one civilization that visits us, possibly there are several that may even be vying for our planet, but possibly a superior race lives under the waters of the planet.

And if aliens really do have underwater bases on Earth, how long ago were they built? Can they be the saviors of humanity? Are your flying and underwater objects the ones we see in our skies and oceans?

An interview with American philologist Anna Whitty was recently published in the British tabloid Daily Star, in connection with the release of a new Roswell documentary, “Roswell 75: The Last Evidence, released July 7th.

Anna Whitty’s Theory of Ocean Aliens
Whitty stated that aliens are possibly an advanced form of humans that come from Earth itself and have always been here living underwater.

According to Whitty, he studied in great detail the testimony of nurse Shirley Wright, who allegedly accompanied Albert Einstein to a military base, where they were both shown the bodies of dead aliens and a survivor of a spacecraft that crashed in 1947 near Roswell. in New Mexico.

These aliens probably don’t visit us from another planet, but from somewhere deep in the water, because they have settled in the depths of the oceans for millennia. But that doesn’t mean they came from other worlds in the Galaxy.

According to Whitty, these creatures would not actually be extraterrestrials, although of course, if they come from another world, they could be, even if they came hundreds of years ago, thousands of years ago, or even hundreds of years ago.

They appeared on Earth as a human race and at some point were submerged to hide or protect themselves from something. That sounds like descendants or builders of humanity…

Although they naturally have direct contact with their otherworldly civilization, the resemblance to humanity on planet Earth is striking and therefore they leave their habitat to mingle with humanity on many occasions.

These beings, after diving into the water in time and radically changing their lifestyle, are far ahead of us in technology and perhaps even in the capabilities of their body and mind.

As for why these creatures are now chasing people, Whitty thinks they want to change something in our behavior and help our development, perhaps to avoid a global catastrophe.

Is it possible that this is an extraterrestrial race that controls our evolution and possibly it is they who can somehow evacuate humanity if something really serious happens on the planet?

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