Who really moved the Stonehenge stones? They weren’t human according to these theories

Stonehenge is undoubtedly one of the most important and well-known ancient monuments in all of human history. However, there is very little to say about this structure other than that it is very old and aligned with the solstice. Therefore, it is also one of the greatest mysteries of humanity.

The theory of a human-made construction
It is popularly believed that Stonehenge was made by humans. Some researchers believe the rocks were transported from Wales and placed in their current location.

However, how they moved them remains a mystery, scientists believe that moving such rocks would not have been possible with the technology people had at the time, as the monument dates back 3,000 years before the common era. It is the most accepted theory by the scientific community.

The theory that Stonehenge was a fluke
Earlier this year, British scientist Mike Pitts developed a theory offering evidence that Stonehenge was not the work of humans. His theory states that the two largest rocks (the ones aligned with the solstice) existed millions of years before humans appeared.

Then the humans noticed the alignment and built the monument around these two rocks.

The theory that explains it was made by aliens as a type of magnetic receiver
Many wonder how it was possible to move these immense masses of stone from the supposed quarries in Wales, more than 100 km away, to the placid plains of Abevury. They consider that prehistoric man was a retarded being, concerned only with surviving and feeding on the dark solitude of his cave and that he did not have the technical means to carry out this enormous engineering task.

That\’s why they think it was the elder extraterrestrial brothers who teleported those stones to create what would be some kind of magnetic receiver that would serve them in some way as a beacon, reference or communication center in their earthly walks.

Fans of this theory link Stonehenge to the famous crop circles or “crop circles” of nearby regions and even see an underlying message from these alien entities to humanity that we will one day be in a position to codify.

the theory of nature
Now, a new theory suggests that the stones that make up Stonhenge were actually transported from somewhere else, but not by humans. Brian John, the author of this theory, claims that the rocks that make up the monument were transported by the action of nature, thanks to glaciers.

He explains that there is no evidence that humans transported the rocks, but that people believe this version because we love to imagine slave stories. To conclude, although it makes sense, his theory is one of several that try to explain this monument, however, the truth is still a mystery. Tell us in the comments which of these theories seems most logical and acceptable to you.

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