NASA Employee Reveals She Saw Humans Walking on the Surface of Mars in 1979

A former NASA employee recently came out with a devastating statement that completely shocked everyone who was listening to the podcast she was speaking on.
She claimed that what appeared to be a normal work day took a complete turn when she spotted two humans walking on the surface of Mars.

She made this discovery via the Viking Lander in 1979. The Viking Lander was the direct predecessor of the Curiosity Rover and although it was older and dated than the Curiosity Rover none of these failures were reported before or after this incident.
27 years after this discovery was made, she came out saying that she no longer kept a secret that she no longer wanted to be a part of.

She claims that at least a dozen other people can vouch for her because they were in the same room as her when she saw the two individuals approach the rover.
They were clearly humanoid and wore spacesuits similar to ours but less bulky.
Many people claim that these were the people who were dropped off on Mars in 1966 during the first mission there.

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