Researchers have discovered a submerged ancient city and several pyramid-shaped structures in China

Several buildings have been discovered submerged at the bottom of Lake Fuxian in China. What really shocked these researchers, however, were the extremely bizarre markings that were discovered on these buildings.

No one was able to decipher them at first, but over time everything was possible thanks to the team’s joint effort.

They discovered the fact that the buildings used to be part of the famous Yuyuan Ancient City and that it was a product of the Western Han Dynasty that ruled around 207 BC – 24 AD.
Researchers have tried to explain the city’s sinking, but to no avail.

The pyramid-shaped construction that was discovered at the bottom of the lake was also especially peculiar because of its sheer size and extremely complex construction.

To put it in perspective, most Egyptian pyramids, excluding those at Giza, obviously pale in comparison to it.

The carvings are also especially eerie, as none of the researchers have been able to decipher them because of how old they look.

There are sun drawings and other strange carvings that seem to date back to well over 18,000 years ago. What could all this mean?

Check out the video below and try to understand everything in the comments below.


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