NASA Administrator Suspended After ‘Alien Invasion 2025’ Allegations

NASA has always tried to gag any of its employees whenever they tried to talk about anything that was happening behind the screen. But what can they do when it\’s not some stupid worker talking, but one of their dearest managers?

Charles Bolden has been one of its key employees since 2009, when he officially assumed the role of Administrator. Since then, he has participated in 4 different spaceflights that have resulted in over 680 hours spent in space.

However, he was recently forced to take a medical leave of absence by telling the crowds in Huston that not too long later, in the next five years, we will be experiencing an alien invasion.

That\’s right, one of the NASA officials declared that of the 30,000 civilizations out there, we will be attacked by one in the next five years.

As we\’ve been increasingly active in outer space over the past couple of years, it was only a matter of time before we faced one of these civilizations, and according to him, we didn\’t have much of a chance, to say the least.

Before he could finish his speech, he was forced off stage by two big employees who had a very worried expression on their faces. NASA ended up blaming his depression for this behavior effectively sweeping everything under the rug.

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