The Rockefeller UFO Initiative and the Extraterrestrial Evidence Encounter

The Rockefeller Family is one of the wealthiest and founder of the most powerful and recognized elite in the United States and the World. The same one that began his dynasty during the Rockefeller I era, when his fortune exceeded 600,000 million dollars, and he controlled the largest monopoly in history. This family created a business empire in the oil sector with an important role in the world of politics. So much so that his fraternity is the one who controls the global economy and manages capital flows. In addition to being one of the thirteen lineage that control the World

La relación entre los Rockefeller y los ovnis
Iniciativa Rockefeller UFO

Rockefeller UFO Initiative
During the 1990s, Laurence S. Rockefeller financed what we know today as the Rockefeller UFO initiative. This is a series of projects related to the investigation of the UFO phenomenon that involved strong pressure on the White House. And the then President of the United States Bill Clinton. The Rockefellers were so convinced of discovering the existence of Extraterrestrial life on our Planet. That I strongly support the work of Harvard University professor, psychologist and Pulitzer Prize winner John Mack, who had a strong interest in Extraterrestrial life.

His obsession with discovering intelligent life alternates with the human being. It was so strong that it tried to bring together the most important UFO investigation organizations, in all of America, among them; CUFOS – Center for UFO Studies, FUFOR – Fund for UFO Research and MUFON – Mutual UFO Network, and produce the UFO Information Document under the authorship of renowned aviation historian Don Berliner

Hillary Clinton y la falsa Invasión Extraterrestre

Rockefeller, Hillary, Bill Clinton and The Aliens
This clan joined forces to discover any information about UFOs that could be obtained at that time. In 1995, Hillary Clinton met with paranormal philanthropist Laurence Rockefeller to discuss the existence of aliens and declassification of information, a dark political agenda seemed to be hidden in this meeting. And although their results were not as encouraging as expected. But if they found some evidence

Evidence of Extraterrestrial Life Found by the Rockefeller UFO Initiative
Extraterrestrial artifact from Ancient Egypt. The Rockefellers have in their possession an artifact discovered in the home of famed Egyptologist Sir William Petrie. This artifact is believed to be the definitive proof of extraterrestrial contact and is said to rewrite not only the history of Ancient Egypt but the history of the entire planet. But like many other found objects this one is also kept secret.

During his initiative, Dr. John Mack investigated the case of 60 children from a school in Zimbabwe, all of whom witnessed the landing of an alleged spacecraft and the presence of non-human beings. The fact is that the Rockefeller Initiative. If you found evidence and artifacts that give evidence of extraterrestrial cultures here on earth and I assure you that we are not alone. The bad thing about this is that we are in a chess game where our adversaries, the Aliens, are invisible to our eyes.

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