There are many scientists who support the theory of the existence of extraterrestrial life on other planets. However, due to technological advances, the proofs of its existence are also quite a lot here on earth. Since many people comment that they have witnessed strange events attributed to UFOs. In addition to the fact that our sky has witnessed the great discoveries that the great powers have made and that today are hidden from almost all of humanity.

razas extraterrestres que habitan entre nosotros

Since we are the legacy of a wisdom completely superior to us. So we have collected information from people who have sighted aliens on our planet. And that is why we want you to present 5 of the extraterrestrial species that live among us.

the grays
This race of aliens are divided into small and tall. Same as they are thin beings with large and elongated heads, with black eyes and about five feet tall. The same that supposedly come from the constellation of Orion. The grays are the ones who carry out the majority of abductions of people on earth, so 75% of all alien sightings in the United States and around the world belong to this race.

These extraterrestrials are characterized by having bodies similar to those of humans, with smooth skin and their peculiar gray color, in addition to their unmistakable elongated head, without hair, and large black eyes. The grays are also said to serve the reptilians and to have confidential agreements with the US government. There are also soldiers who have confessed to having seen it. But the witnesses confess that after seeing him, only vague memories come to him. Since these possess strong mental powers to influence humanity

These species of aliens are among the best known in the world since there have even been many conflicts between humans and grays. According to some anecdotes in 1961 the grays kidnapped an American couple known as the Barney and Betty Hill and used it to do experiments.

Los Reptilianos

The Reptilians
They are a race from the Draconians, humanoids over six to eight feet tall with reptilian features, who have played a major role in modern conspiracy theories and ufology studies. According to the origin of this alien race, it is believed that they have existed since the creation of the earth and have evolved parallel to humanity. Same as they can be of extraterrestrial or intraterrestrial origin. Oh rather from a pre-human civilization

Los Lyrianos

This race of aliens can inspire fear and terror in humans. Since they feed on negative energies and know how we act in different circumstances. The reptilians play a very important role on our planet since they are within the most powerful political systems in the world, in addition to belonging to the elite and ruling the world together with humans and other alien races. It is believed that the first king of Athens was half man and half snake. Since it is thus illustrated as an example in a frieze of the altar of Zeus in pergamon.

It is believed that this race of Aliens were the first humans to exist in the universe. And that they come from the constellation Lyra, where they started a society that became very powerful. However they were invaded by the reptilians so they were forced to fight, but as the reptilians were stronger they were forced to flee. And while they fled they were distributed throughout several extrasolar planets, for which they created several species. It is even said that the Pleiadians and the Vegans descended from this race.

Los pleyadianos

The Pleiadians
Also known as the space brothers, this is a race of aliens from the constellation of the Pleiades, located within the constellation of Taurus. People who have been contacted by these types of extraterrestrials describe them as humanoid, or practically human with some anatomical differences, since their features are very similar to those of Nordic-Scandinavian people. They have excellent physical condition, well-shaped body structure and bright and tight suits, with a height of 1.90 and 2.10 meters, with long blonde hair.

One of the main gifts of the Pleiadians is to be able to travel in time and possess a great state of spiritual consciousness. This race of aliens is known for wanting to help humanity, which is why they are even compared to the angels mentioned in the Bible. Since they also possess powers of telepathy and can reincarnate or take the form of humans

The Arcturians
These are a very advanced humanoid extraterrestrial species native to the planet Arcturus, a very bright star in the constellation of Bootes. The lineage of this extraterrestrial race belongs to one of the most technologically and spiritually advanced civilizations.

Los Arcturianos  

Apparently this race has used various means to contact beings on earth. Since it is even believed that they want to inspire humanity to have contact with them. This race has a very high consciousness so it is believed that it has evolved beyond the third dimension of terrestrial consciousness.

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