8 Soldiers Disappear After Finding Alien Ship From 5,000 Years Ago

In 2011, while a United States Army was conducting an investigation in the desert of Afghanistan. They discovered a huge cave that left them in suspense, after discovering something truly amazing.

Desaparecen soldado luego de hallar un Vimana en afganistan
8 Soldiers Disappear After Finding Alien Ship From 5,000 Years Ago

The soldiers entered the cave and while checking the place. They came across a machine from ancient times known as Vimana. Which is known as a flying vehicle of ancient Hinduism, recorded in many ancient texts of India. Since according to their beliefs, these ships were used by ancient gods to move through different parts of the earth.

Soldado desaperecen tras encontrar nave de hacen 5000 años

What happened to the Soldiers after finding the Vimana Ship
This is where the great mystery of having discovered this alien ship known as Vimana originates. Since the soldiers never came out of the cave again, and they were never heard from again. However, all their belongings were found, including recordings they had made while they were in the cave.

So the President of the United States at the time Barack Obama. Along with Chancellor Angela Merkel and other government officials and researchers. They secretly visited the cave. There some researchers confirmed that if it was an ancient ship of extraterrestrial origin known as Vimana, which dates back to about 5000 years old. Which had an ultra-powerful energy shield that deterred and neutralized electrical artifacts.

Some US military and intelligence personnel, and Russia. They unsuccessfully searched for the 8 soldiers who were precisely those who disappeared when they discovered the cave. So it was concluded that said machine had to do with the disappearance of the military. Or at least, that is what is suspected. Unless enemy forces have killed the soldiers, but no evidence of clashes was found at the scene.

Maquinas Vimanas encontradas en Afganistan

Description of the Vimana Machine found in the Cave
It is estimated that the machine measures some 6 meters in circumference and has four wheels. In addition to the fact that according to the analyzes that were carried out on the machine, it was observed that it had war purposes, since it had missiles and weapons of mass destruction. Weapons that could be activated through a lens-shaped device, which would produce a kind of very lethal light beam.

So the researchers believe that this machine may have belonged to a very powerful leader from ancient times known as Zoroaster. The founder of the official religion of Persia. However, the ancient texts of India indicate that the Vimana was a chariot of the gods in the middle of the third millennium BC.

But these anecdotes told here are hard to believe. Since many people do not assimilate that such technologies could exist in the past, much less an artifact like this.

Mahabharata. This book has more than 134 illustrations and is known as the book of war. which was written from 1761 to 1763.

However, there are paintings and writings from ancient times where it is related about this machine. Specifically in the writing called Mahabharata. An extensive text of Indian mythology from the 3rd century B.C. Attributed to Viasa, a legendary writer of ancient India from the 3rd century BC. Whose real name is Krishna-Dwaipayana. There are several versions of this book, since due to its antiquity it has not been possible to have an exact date.


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