Rover Curiosity capta misterioso objeto volador en el cielo de Marte

* NASA’s Curiosity rover is one of Nasa’s longest-lived rover on Mars. It landed on August 6, 2012 on the red planet and immediately began sending images back to Earth.

* Since then it has not stopped surprising us with discoveries and information of great interest regarding the space exploration of the neighboring planet.

There are many people who firmly believe that Mars is home to life forms, even though the planet appears to be nothing more than a desolate surface.

Many unusual objects, like the one pictured above, have been called “artifacts” by anomaly hunters, who claim they are the remains of an earlier civilization.

Now, another indicator that there may be life on Mars has emerged, and this time it comes from the Curiosity Rover.

The Rover Curiosity has transmitted a photograph that appears to show a UFO crossing the Martian sky.

The UFO was captured in one of two frames and this may be an indication that it was an object that was flying at considerable speed, due to its disappearance in the second frame.

Some people say that the UFO is nothing more than a speck of dust, or just a camera malfunction, however, many ufologists do not believe this due to other appearances of similar flying objects on Mars.

The currently captured UFO is seen as a pointless dot, however specialists say this may be an indicator that someone or something is out there performing some mysterious task across Mars.

There have been many other sightings that have confounded experts.

Like that of some small lights captured on the surface of Mars in eight photographs.

One of the most frequently asked questions is are humans being monitored by an alien species on Mars?

One thing is certain: many unidentified objects have been present every time humans reached an important milestone, for example: lunar landing, rocket launch with important satellites, missile launch, etc.

… Now, on Mars, Bright orbs along with flying objects seem to be spying on the Rover from a distance, perhaps wondering about the tasks the Rover is performing on the Martian surface.

In some cases, these objects have been captured in front of the Rover, perhaps to “try to make an impression on earthlings”, due to the fact that in this case and “many others”, it is humans who are invading the territory.

Do these anomalies have any logical explanation besides dust motes?

Or are they alien life forms wondering, why are people on Earth invading their privacy?

Are these discoveries secret, military or government related?

We won’t know, not yet.

And well, everyone can draw their own conclusions to add this topic to his list of knowledge about it.

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