Woman told about the regular contacts with aliens

St. Louis lady says she sees UFOs and talks to blue-skinned aliens.

She displayed UFO photos to prove she saw aliens.

She found the initial encounter fascinating. She observed a brilliant light hovering near her house at night. She looked closer and saw a UFO.

She observed another close ship a few seconds later. Triangular. The UFO did amazing maneuvers before disappearing.

American Lily Nova began astrophotography in 2021. So she was out at night.

Since then, Lily has seen UFOs often and is no longer terrified. The American met blue aliens afterwards.

The first blue-skinned girl she saw. She was bald but yet stunning. She wore a gray bodysuit. Lily observed other aliens in the same costume behind the girl.

The lady detailed other aliens she encountered. They had light hair, glowing fair complexion, and blue eyes. The American thinks what she witnessed was fake since the aliens hid.

Lily’s life altered when these connections became regular. She left nutrition to hunt for aliens and UFOs.

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