He claims that alien technology is kept a secret and that he works with the US military as well as a researcher

Emery Smith, who had the chance to make some amazing discoveries during his life, is one of the most intriguing persons to have ever lived on the earth.

While working with the United States Air Force, he got the chance to examine biological materials that were, by all accounts, thought to be extraterrestrial and belonged to alien spacecraft. He also had the option to ride in one of these spacecraft and even try the aliens out in return for cash and resources.

His life experiences, which began when he was 18 years old, are described by him. At the time, he was a member of the United States Air Force, and thanks to his knowledge, he was able to analyze materials that no one had ever investigated before.

He examined the makeup of over 3,000 alien species, even photographing them in 3D holograms and using zero-point energy and anti-gravity.

Who is in charge of looking them over? We’re all aware that the government is on the lookout for alien spacecraft. Emery said that one of these individuals was him.

He claimed in the interview that many of the illnesses for which we now have treatments are because to the technology he scanned in the past.

He also said that Elon Musk’s own outdated technology is present, proving that alien technology is surely what is accelerating the world’s rapid progress.


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