Former World Bank Executive Drops : “Non-human Creatures Control The World” in Shocking Statement

Deep down we all know that there are powers that be (PTB) that have much more control than we can see in the public with the naked eye. We see figures like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and other billionaire tech tycoons and go ‘wow, they’re powerful’ but truly, behind the scenes there are power structures that would make these men cower in fear.

We’re talking energy and money. Oil money and bankers. The backbone of the entire economy worldwide, that run the big show behind the scenes. And their names? We have no idea, only guesses and estimations.

For many decades now, the theory that a secret organization controls the world in the shadows has been tethering behind the scenes. However, thanks to an executive close to the elites who has broken her silence, we are now being revealed the truth: they are actually not from this planet. Believe it or not.

One of the longest-running and most popular conspiracy theories of all time shares of a possible organization that pulls the strings of our entire society and world; this elite would be found within not only our economy, but also within religion, all industries, and of course propaganda pushing entertainment, occupying quite important positions of influence and power in our society.

Despite the fact that many people discredit this theory, this idea gains much more validity when an actual former World Bank executive breaks her silence and publicly reveal that not only does this elite exist, but that they do not belong to this world. Enter Karen Hudes.

Who Exactly is Karen Hudes?

Karen Hudes was a senior executive in the Treasury Department of the World Bank up until 2007. Her impressive resume shows she holds degrees in Law from Yale University and Economics from the University of Amsterdam. No small feat.

Karen Hudes

In addition to her work at the prestigious World Bank, she also worked for the Export-Import Bank of the United States, including working in the World Bank’s Legal Department. These are very high positions of influence and power. What you learn at these levels are quite removed from what your local bank teller knows about the world Government and economy.

Hudes’s career was quite flawless and she was held in very high esteem during the 20 years of time she worked at the World Bank, until she was fired in 2007 as legal counsel. The question was why? All of a sudden? Possibly it’s because she denounced the corruption of the elite that is dominating the world and its very likely non-human origin.

Hude’s Statements Were As Follows

“Non-human creatures with elongated heads and an IQ over 150 control the Vatican and the world bank.”

With these simple words, Hudes began her public condemnation of what she personally saw when she held the position of legal advisor at the World Bank during her career.

Hudes, a highly established lawyer and economist declared that extraterrestrial beings have been infiltrating for years in quite important positions of power all throughout society. She assures all of humanity that they do not belong to the human race and they are actually addressed as Homo-Capensis.

It is believed that these beings have coexisted with humanity for many years, possibly even prior to the ice age.

In an interview with the news portal Next News Network, Hudes stated that, despite the fact that in the past he did not believe in any of that, he began to investigate to realize that there was historical evidence of creatures like the ones that would live today, with strangers. elongated skulls or as can be seen in Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Despite the fact that Hudes words have aroused great interest all over the world, to the point that television networks have wanted to interview her, she is not the first to denounce this. In fact, other people in notable positions of influence back up hers statements if anything.

A perfect example is the former Minister of Defense of Canada, Paul Hellyer, he gave some statements in 2014 in which he assured that there are extraterrestrial beings working directly with the United States government, he came right out in the open and said it. He also shared that four different alien species have been visiting earth in the full story here. 

Paul Hellyer

They desire control of a the important parts of world institutions, including but not limited to financial, corporate and religious to get dominance on the planet. That’s how they run the show. Just own the positions of power and inflict their control.

According to the theory, the main goal of dominating these institutions is the enslavement of humanity through debt. It seems as if not only are Governments such as ours here in the United States indebted, but personally we hold more consumer debt than anyone. Buying things that don’t really matter in the long run and getting caught up in a highly consumer driven society.

They ultimately want to enslave all governments and politicians to give up massive financial contributions to use for their political campaigns.

Because this elite group of species also manages the entertainment and media industry, the truth is that it is extremely difficult to find out about this, even on the inside for these A-list Hollywood celebrities.

It is obvious that our most important institutions work based on the interests of those who manage them. Hudes statements are just one more grain in that great hourglass that will announce the time for society to wake up and resist the tyranny that has controlled the human species for eons, since the beginning of time perhaps.

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