Mafe Walker, the woman who claims to speak the “alien language”

Mafe Walker is a woman of Colombian origin who has gone viral in recent days for claiming to speak the “alien language”

Before appearing in the morning, the woman had already started to go viral on social networks such as TikTok, where she has more than 108 thousand followers, in addition to almost 500 thousand likes, and in which she publishes videos about her “power”.

Mafe Walker calls herself a “medium”, because according to her she is able to open multidimensional portals: “I am a connection between the galactic dimensions and the higher planes and the Earth”, she says in her social networks.

During her visit to the “Venga la Alegría” program, the Colombian woman participated with her teacher and mentor under the name Agathe Sabine and commented:

“We have these psychic gifts and through Agathe, taking all of her wisdom, we connect and open up my entire channel.”

The woman claimed to have felt “something different” from birth, however, until her approach to Agathe over a course of approximately one year, she was able to discover the “powers” ​​she possessed and, at the same time, channel them.

“Through Agathe I remembered all my psychic gifts, all the memories that we carry in the DNA of other galaxies, constellations, stars, other planets and my body, all my data started to be activated,” he said in the live stream.

Who is the woman who speaks “alien language”?
During their visit to the Mexican show, the two women assumed that extraterrestrial life is a fact and that Mexico is a special country because it has pyramids connected to the constellations.

Agathe spoke of people who have the ability to name “alien language” and commented that Mafe Walker is one of them.

Those in charge of interviewing the women were Patricio Borghetti and Roger González, who asked Mafe Walker to know if he could speak a little of that language during the broadcast.

Before the request, the Colombian commented: “They are sound waves, of very high frequency here on Earth, it is a galactic frequency that I send through my vocal cords, but it comes from the heart”.

“You have to feel it because I am a communication bridge between the divine and the Earth,” Walker said. “You can’t hear it, but at heart rate you can feel it,” explained Agathe.

Later, the medium began to speak “alien language” between sounds and gestures that attracted attention.

Then he commented, “I feel the body, the cells, it’s extremely high energy, vibration, it’s frequency, it’s sound.” Likewise, Agathe stated that there are many people who speak this language.

This is the full interview with the woman who speaks “extraterrestrial language”:


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