Former CIA officer: “The truth about UFOs is terrifying”

Jim Semivan, a former CIA officer, doesn’t want his children to know what UFOs are, as the truth, he says, will terrify them.

Before his shocking statements, for those who do not remember, Jim Semivan, who was also one of the founders of To The Stars Academy (TTSA) – an organization that claims to have been responsible for publishing the now famous Pentagon UFO videos. Now, he makes even more shocking statements about the UFO reality. He states that the reality of the UFO phenomenon could be very shocking to everyone. See what he had to say in an interview, the excerpt of which in question was posted on Twitter: “When we started TTSA, we had discussions about this all the time. Are we sure we want to reveal this? I mean, you know, are we going to scare 8-year-olds?” “Some friends said to me, ‘Oh, my daughter wants to know all about ONI, can we talk to you about it?'” “And I said no. I’m not going to talk to you about that. What am I going to say to her or to these 10-, 11-year-olds?” Yes, that there is a force out there that can control our environment, that can put thoughts into our heads? That he can lie to you, deceive you, and that you are not in control of your life?” “Tell this to a 12-year-old boy.” Is the reality of UFOs really that terrible? Is this why the government agencies that have studied the phenomenon don’t want to divulge what they know to the general public? Or is Semivan just one of those who don’t want to spread the truth so they can stay in control? Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t know the truth any time soon, as even if some information does come to light in the near future, it could be distorted, if not completely changed.

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