Confirmed: “UFOs do not belong to a human intelligence”

The RAND Corporation, an institution, a self-styled non-profit institution for policy development and decision-making through research and analysis that is often contracted by the United States government, published a report in 1993 written 25 years earlier, whose author supports that UFOs are not a human intelligence.

The issue of UFOs remains controversial and more and more evidence is found that they are a reality. The RAND Corporation had already supported the idea that this was an extraterrestrial force and reaffirmed it in a 1968 report, published in 1993. The RAND Corporation report “Sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have been reported over the centuries; most of them have been given religious interpretations. Since World War II, there seems to have been a drastic increase in the number of sightings. We have obtained sufficient data, both visual and photographic, for some of these sightings, and have concluded that the phenomenon is unequivocally extraordinary and clearly inexplicable in modern terms. The author of this paper examines the clarity, size, and maneuvering of UFOs, and discusses the frequency and location of sightings. He ends by suggesting the need for more standardized reporting on UFOs, so that the times and places of sightings can be anticipated and much-needed data can be obtained.” The RAND Corporation document is divided into 5 parts: historical aspects, astronomical aspects, the nature of the reports, phenomenological aspects, and the how and why. Among other interesting facts, its author, George Kocher, relates that, in 1947, when the Roswell Incident occurred, there were so many sightings that the United States government feared that the country was being systematically and silently invaded. He also reports that the period 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the Kenneth Arnold sighting, considered the first official sighting of the modern era, coincided with the same year as the Roswell event. A total of 853 events were reported. 38 years passed before Arnold’s sighting. Supported information

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Kocher reports that the US government gave orders to the military to debunk any sightings. Thus, they diverted the attention of the public from the event. But he believed that he should encourage the press to report the sightings accurately and not sensationally. In this way, added to the reports, the witnesses would be encouraged to speak. The Rand Corporation report is straightforward and comprehensive, backed by decades of evidence. It concludes in: There is no scientific reason why life forms in other solar systems should be different from those on Earth. In our galaxy, there may be at least 100 million planets that are home to civilizations more advanced than our own by billions of years. If it can exceed the speed of light, surely some advanced race has already figured out how to do it and uses it. George Kocher’s research seems to contain solid and reliable information, which supports many of the theories raised about the UFO phenomenon.

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