“Aliens live in the oceans and are before humans”

Unknown object is explored underwater by divers - 3D-Illustration

For years mysterious underwater structures have been discovered that could be alien bases. Added to the sightings of UFOs and OSNIs leaving and entering large bodies of water, recorded since ancient civilizations, have made experts believe that aliens lived in the oceans before human existence.

Undersea alien bases are a topic he is dealing with much more frequently than before. The possibility that they have lived in the oceans since before humans existed. This theory has taken much more force with the persecution of ships and aircraft carriers of different governments. Event that has multiplied in recent years. Aliens come from the oceans? The UFO sightings by the US Marines were off the coast. Some accounts of abductees mention underwater bases where they were transferred. Several mysterious structures have been found under large bodies of water. All this has caused some researchers to suspect the existence of extraterrestrial submarine bases. Reviewing history since ancient times, we find that past civilizations also mentioned contacts with strange objects in the seas. Aliens are also believed to have been on Earth for thousands to millions of years. That means that they inhabited the planet long before the birth of humanity. Which is consistent with the hypothesis that humans developed in the face of alien surveillance. If these beings have submarine bases on the coasts of the different continents, they have a privileged place to observe society. An interview with the American ufologist, Anna Whitty, was recently published in the British Daily Star. In it, she stated that aliens could be an advanced form of humans and that they are terrestrial beings. She assuring that they have always lived on the planet under the oceans.

A pre-human race Whitty studied in depth the testimony of nurse Shirley Wright, alleged companion of Albert Einstein to a military base. They both witnessed alien corpses and a survivor of the Roswell incident. The ufologist said that Wright communicated with the surviving creature because she could understand him. At one point, the alien, very interested, asked him how far into the ocean humanity had penetrated. “If what Shirley said is true, then these aliens are probably not visiting us from another planet, but from somewhere deep under the water.” Anna Whitty also believes that these creatures are not aliens, but “another human race” that appeared on Earth. Evolution pushed them into the oceans to protect themselves from something. Perhaps of the inevitable cataclysms that begin to lie in wait for civilizations that devastate societies and force them to go back to the «Stone Age». With the passing of generations, this civilization radically changed its lifestyle, avoiding extinction and regression. That is why they are now much more advanced than us. The ufologist concluded that she, she believes that these beings show themselves to humans is because, perhaps, they want to change our behavior. They want to prevent us from falling victim to another “extinction.”

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