Mass UFO Sightings Recorded From Different Locations Above Ohio (video)

Laina and Angie witnessed something completely shocking in the sky above Ohio. The video begins with four bright objects moving in a line across the grey clouds. However, they start to vanish one by one. Then, a fifth line emerges suddenly on the left-hand side of the screen.

YouTube conspirator MrMBB333, who uploaded the video claimed that the objects didn’t hide behind the clouds, they were actually in front of them. When the YouTuber switches the light formats, he says that the footage shows the objects turning invisible.

Yet another witness captured the moment from a different location in Cincinnati. The video features a triangular shape into a straight line before disappearing. After disappearing for several minutes, they gradually reappeared.

Among the many explanations, we could count the one claimed by theorists who said that the object could have been military craft linked to a space force.

Have a look at the following videos for yourself and please don’t forget to share your impressions with us

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