NASA SAYS There’s Life on Mars, But People Aren’t Ready to Know

For a long time, different theories have been revealed that suggest that at some point in history, life existed on Mars. Others even go so far as to claim that it still exists. But… What happens when the one who claims that not only does he exist, but that people are not prepared to meet him, is NASA?

Jim Green, NASA’s science director, has made some pretty controversial statements in recent days. These are related to Mars and the possible existence of life on the red planet.

In this way, the possibility is confirmed that what was previously considered a hypothesis, even minimizing it as simple science fiction, is something much more real than is believed.

Life on Mars: Does NASA confirm this?
NASA Scientific Director Jim Green recently made some statements that caused a lot of controversy.

The expert believes that it is more likely that the European Space Agency has already discovered evidence of extraterrestrial life on Mars a few months ago.

However, what should be world news, we probably won’t even know about it. Green is convinced that humanity as we know it today is not ready for this information.

He assured that evidence of extraterrestrial existence on Mars was obtained no later than the middle of last year.

However, it will take much longer for humanity to accept the fact that life exists outside of Earth after all.

The Daily Telegraph was tasked with interviewing Green. He further explained that it doesn’t matter when people are currently prepared for these events.

They will never be prepared enough to deal with it.

Aren’t we ready for the truth?
Since the scientist is one of NASA’s top operatives, it’s safe to assume he knows what he’s talking about.

That’s why we can deduce that the discovery he is so confident in is related to excavations made on the planet Mars. Specifically with those made by the ExoMars rover in the year 2020.

Now, we know that Mars isn’t the only candidate planet to host life. Now, Venus has also joined these worlds.

Despite this, it is still not certain that advanced extraterrestrial life can be found, and if so, it is obvious that NASA will not give a world news about it. The only way to know is to find out on your own.

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