End of the World: Man Who Was Abducted by Aliens Tells How the World Will End

An Irishman Told the Terrible Story of his Abduction by ALIENS and how they predicted the end of the world, reports irishmirror.ie.

Retired carpenter Gerry Battles, 61, of Pallaskenry, Co Limerick, claims he was walking home after two Christmas drinks with a friend when real-life ETs attacked.

During the experience he says he was paralyzed, came face to face with a “cone-headed” extraterrestrial and traveled to the North Pole in the blink of an eye.
He also recalled being warned of Earth\’s impending doom during the encounter on December 26, 2001 while walking home from The Seven Sisters Pub in Kildimo.

He said: “I was just minutes from my house. It was a clear, dry night. You could have read a book with the light of the night sky, but I was not drawn to the light of the stars or the moon, but to a bright, surgical white light coming from the other side of the well.” After being attracted by the white light, Gerry remembers finding himself aboard a spaceship with about 40 other people all in a subdued state, motionless as statues.

He told The Limerick Post: “They were all men, of different age groups all standing shoulder to shoulder like mannequins.

I remember a man next to me wearing a Columbus-style coat and hat. We were all paralyzed, I could only move my eyes so I couldn\’t see much.

“The next thing I remember floating in another larger chamber with a 360 degree viewing deck. It was then that I saw the alien.
“I couldn\’t tell how big he was or even if he had arms or legs all I remember is his big cone head and his beautiful gigantic eyes. “They were jet black, almost like mirrors.

“He spoke to me by telepathy and said: “you are not terrified like the others”.

“No, I\’m not. I should be?” asked Gerry.

The alien then asked what he would like to see.
“The North Pole” was his immediate response. In the blink of an eye, they were transported to the North Pole which Gerry says is “like driving through a snowstorm at 500 miles an hour”.

He admits that anyone he has revealed this fantastic story to thinks he is crazy and laughs when asked if he has any history of mental illness.
“No, not at all,” he replies.

He said those who don\’t believe his story are “naive and have little imagination” before revealing the alien warned him that humanity will follow the same path as the dinosaurs when a giant asteroid collided with Earth.

Gerry says the alien told him that humanity has come a long way, but time is running out.

“850 years from now, a giant asteroid the size of a city will DESTROY your planet. The asteroid will approach its planet from the 35th quadrant,” the alien said.

“We are four million light years further along than you are. We\’ve been watching you for millennia. In all this time you\’ve only excelled at two things global war and lying to your own kind.”

“You must use force. Be one with the force. Harness the force,” the alien advised.
Gerry was not terrified when confronted with the alien being
Gerry said the extraterrestrial also warned us not to trust governments or banks as they have been “lying to us from day one”.

He doesn\’t remember how long the kidnapping lasted and didn\’t remember it afterward until the coat he was wearing that night was found on the roof of the Regional Hospital. He said: “I have no idea how it got there. It was only after I had the coat returned to me that the events of December 26, 2001 began to come back to me. ”

Gerry is hopeful that his story will reach the world scientific community and said, “The truth is definitely out there.”

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