Anunnaki: Do they still live among us?

Anunnaki, advanced beings who possibly came from another world to ancient Sumeria. Do they still live among us?

Imagine that we humans could have been genetically modified by an extraterrestrial race to be their slaves and that the so-called “starmen” cohabited with us thousands of years ago. Yes, this happened to the ancient Anunnaki, who through their messages stated that they were on Earth from a remote past and confirm that they have been among human beings ever since. So who are the Anunnaki?

For those who are not clear who were (or are?) the Anunnaki, also called Anunna (sons of An), were the confined gods of the underworld. It is even mentioned that they lived in Dulkug or Dulku, whose translation would be something like “sacred mound (or mound)”.

The Sumerian people cited them in a story called “Innana\’s Descent into the Underworld”, where the Anunnaki are identified as the 7 judges of the underworld. But the versions of who they are or were do not always coincide. For others, they represent a family made up of immature gods, separated from their parents and abandoned in a world reeling from a battle with the death star.

Why did the Anunnaki come to our planet? The stories are confusing, to the point where two qualified historians cannot agree on their respective theories. Martin indicates that there was a clash between Nibiru and one of its moons, so they had to board a spaceship and come to Earth to colonize it with twelve couples.

Instead, it is stated that the Anunnaki came in search of metals that were running out on their planet. Both agree that the Anunnaki created men to serve them. Or if you prefer another form of qualification, after creating them genetically, they enslaved men to exploit them.

Corey Goode, known to the world as an Intuitive Empath (IE) with precognitive abilities, says he has spent 20 years working on secret space programs and government covert operations. During this period, he witnessed many very strange events and visited places he didn\’t even know existed.

One of the most interesting of these was an underground chamber where the ancient “Anunnaki” an alien race were kept in hibernation since time immemorial. According to Goode, the chamber was built by an ancient breeder race, and the hibernating Anunnaki appeared to be the last of their kind.

Several of these Anunnaki were kept in glass capsules, in a state of death. But they weren\’t dead. At the time of its disappearance, this civilization had technological capabilities that surpassed our current technology.

Are they among us? Yes, they have always been among us, but the great difference we know is that the Anunnaki who have been among us from time immemorial do not belong to the realm, but they give their progress and our progress to the high positions of this realm. running.

They leave and enter our planet forever, perhaps it is possible that at some point in our lives those who manage to capture unidentified objects may see them being seen coming and going. Watch the video below and leave your comment below!

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