“Alien” sounds were captured in the Mariana Trench

A disturbing sound was recorded at enormous depths, in the Mariana Trench, the deepest area of ​​Earth\’s oceans.
Several theories have emerged to explain its origin:

From “unknown” animals to science, geological phenomena and even alien spacecraft…
The recording, which lasts 3.5 seconds, reveals an unknown sound 11,000 meters below sea level.

Disturbing Sound of the Mariana Trench
A group of researchers some time ago recorded a disturbing sound in the Mariana Trench, considered the deepest place in the Earth\’s crust.

After a detailed analysis of the record, the team of scientists published a report (see here) on the possible origin of this maritime noise.

In this study, scientists assured, almost with complete certainty, that the strange noise recorded in the trench at more than 11,000 meters deep, is a sound of biological origin and probably emitted by a “species of whale” that has never been observed until now.

Although research suggests a whale as the cause of the sound, in reality they are not certain; leaving open the possibility that it is another animal, or creature.

The study rules out that it is a ship or submarine
The analysis guarantees that the frequency of the sound, which varies between 38 and 8,000 hertz, does not have an anthropogenic origin, that is, those that are the result of human activities.

Sons alienígena foram capturados na Fossa das Marianas.

Therefore, the researchers rule out that a ship, submarine or seismic survey could have caused this marine noise.

According to the researchers, everything indicates that it is a biological source…

The study authors wrote:

“It also does not resemble geological sources, such as low-frequency sounds produced by earthquakes or ice breaks, nor those produced by wind or rain. We believe these complex sounds were produced by a biological source.”

A sound similar to that made by the minke whale
The study determines that this same sound was also recorded on multiple occasions between autumn 2014 and spring 2015 in the same area.

Localização geral dos levantamentos de planadores realizados no Arquipélago das Ilhas Marianas.

After investigating previously recorded noises, the researchers found a recording recorded in the Great Barrier Reef.

Sharon Nieukirk of Oregon State University and colleagues said the sound is not similar to that of seismic sources and ships. It also does not resemble those from geophysical sources such as ice and telluric movements, as well as rain and wind.

For this reason, the team of scientists proposed that the source is biological in nature and that it could be a new whale call that had not been identified before.

Exemplo da chamada WPB gravada (NFFT = 1500, Overlap 95%).

However, at the moment it is not known what or who is behind this marine sound. The sound was recorded by the Hatfield Marine Science Center thanks to a hydrophone, sent deep into the Marianas.

The sound was recorded at a depth of almost 1 km. Nieukirk points out that even after the study, it remains to be answered what the nature of that sound is.

And you, dear reader, do you have any guesses where this mysterious sound comes from?

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