The Mystery of Living Stones Scientists Can’t Explain

There are places on Earth that simply seem to be part of another planet, with living beings that are totally different from the usual ones. The characteristics of these places are so unique that even scientists do not know how to explain certain formations.

Among the many enigmatic places that exist in the world, we can highlight the Sahara desert in Libya. There, in that place, there are certain rocks that are totally out of the ordinary.

It may seem like something very unrealistic, but some rocks present at this location are known by scientists as ‘living rocks’, and you will soon understand why.

This live rock phenomenon, which has baffled researchers and scientists around the world, is located in the Kufra region of southwest Libya, in the city of Ghat.

The place in question is popularly known as Valley of the Planets. This name was given because the rocks move and basically resemble the celestial bodies of the solar system.

Over time, because of this absolutely unusual phenomenon, many scientists and tourists turned their attention to the place. This region has become an important area for research and study, many scholars from all over the world have come to the place to study the phenomenon in depth.

The place does not have very unusual soil as many imagine, it is a desert soil, very dry and hard. The rocks present in the area are, as described above, similar to planets, some with a diameter that varies from 7 to 12 meters. Its origin is completely unknown, which intrigues scholars even more.

Interestingly they are spaced almost evenly next to each other in a given area. The distance between them is approximately 29 to 33 kilometers.

What scientists say or discover about this phenomenon over the years??

1) Rocks with these characteristics are called Trovants

2) Scholars consider these rocks a form of life

3) Trovants, like other living beings, can develop over time, migrate and reproduce.

4) When they reach the end of their lives, they break from the inside out

5) Inside the Trovants we can see some characteristics similar to what we see inside the trees, such as the famous concentric circles that in the case of trees help us to determine their age. In the case of the Trovants it is not clear if it would have the same relationship.

6) It’s a pretty old way of life

7) No one has been able to explain the genesis of the Trovants until then



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