Mysterious Metallic Sphere Appears In Mexico After “Falling From The Sky”

The situation has drawn attention locally, as well as on popular UFO forums, with a handful of posts covering the sighting.
A popular Mexican meteorologist believes that a mysterious metal sphere with a secret code that fell from the sky in Mexico over the weekend could have “valuable information inside”.

The mysterious metal sphere that would have fallen just before midnight on Sunday on a tree in Veracruz. Mexico has unleashed, as expected, a storm of intrigue on social networks and local media. The meteorologist, Isidro Cano Luna, asked the Mexican Navy to study the sphere.

“Fake news”? everything is possible

Following the controversy, which has led people to speculate that it is part of an alien spacecraft, among others. The director of the Veracruz Civil Protection Unit. Alfonso García Cardona, came out to clarify that there was never any citizen report, nor any call to emergency numbers, about the alleged unidentified spherical object.

“I can’t confirm it yet, but I don’t have a report about it, usually that’s the way it is, even Public Security itself. Those who, when they detect something, notify us, here what you must have is an exact location to go look for it, “said García Cardona, according to the Quadratín de Veracruz agency.

“Unbreakable Codes”
The news of the mysterious metal sphere was made available by Cano Luna through a series of Facebook posts, in which he described the orb as “a very hard plastic or an alloy of various metals” and in which he assured that witnesses they saw the orb “fall from the sky,” making noise, but without fire.

In a series of alarming texts in capital letters, he asked people not to touch or approach him “UNTIL IT IS REVIEWED BY SPECIALISTS”, and adds “MIGHT HAVE RADIOACTIVITY”.

In a later post, he reiterated that the mysterious metal sphere “must not be opened.” Despite also stating that there are no obvious openings through which the sphere could open.

Adding more mystery to what the orb is, Cano Luna referred to the fact that the sphere had “indecipherable codes.”
“Outside of the mysterious metal sphere there is a code and there is no hole or crack through which it could open… these spheres are timed so that at a certain time they open on their own and show the valuable information that they bring within it,” he said. read the Facebook post, where he adds that it could be part of the Chinese rocket that crashed into Earth over the weekend.

fantastic twist
The story got much more interesting an hour later, in another post. Where Cano Luna affirmed that the artifact was removed at 3:15 in the morning by “highly trained personnel and with specialized equipment”, for which, he wrote, the object was no longer in Veracruz.

The situation has drawn attention locally, as well as on popular UFO forums, although no one has been able to track down further information.

The most reasonable guess about the mysterious metal sphere is that it could have been a weather balloon or, as the meteorologist himself says, genuine space debris.

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