There Might Be An Ancient Alien City Lies on The Dark Side of The Moon

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has made its most important discovery till date by spotting Giant alien lunar base on Google moon app, claimed UFO hunter.

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) which has been surveying desolate lunar surface since 2009, proved itself invaluable in identifying sites with high scientific worth and areas ideal for future lunar missions. Now with surprising claim Scott Waring, a self-proclaimed UFO expert evidenced Giant alien city on the moon surface, speculated Google moon map anomaly through his blog

He said: “I have found an alien structure over 9 miles (15km) long on the Moon’s De Moraes Crater.”

He zoomed into the Moon anomaly to focus on its grainy indistinct details.

He said: “You can see there is a structure here and it this does appear to be a solid object.”

“The object must be huge, and it looks like part of the object is a circular tube.

Alien lunar base: The nine-mile-long object is visible on Google Moon

“Look at all of these right angles on this thing – they don’t look like pixilation at all.

“It looks like the side of an alien building from up-close – and this is just mind-blowing guys, it really is.”

NASA images seem to show squared shaped blocks, which conspiracy theorists claim is proof there was an ancient alien civilization

This image is part of mosaic documenting on Moon’s surface, Shot by NASA’s LRO.

Waring continued: “It almost looks like a crater itself, but it’s not there in other photos.

“If we try to look at this in other photos, it just disappears.

The alien life conspiracy theorist examined the image using two different filters supplied by the Google Moon app and found that mystery object vanishes when both Visible Imagery and Colourised Terrain are applied.

Waring, who has expressed doubts about NASA’s achievement believes this is further proof of cover-up by the US Space Agency.

He said: “The Lunar Orbiter mosaic is the older of the Google Moon images.

“What NASA did is edited this object out and put a fake crater in the location.”

Waring continues by speculating that ghostly straight lines in the image, almost certainly created by stitching the composite together, are evidence of a NASA conspiracy.

He asked: Why did NASA want us to not see this alien building?

“Well they just don’t want us to see a lot of things and it is easy to edit some of these things out.”

The video quickly garnered scores of comments on YouTube.

YouTube user George Mair commented: “Hi Scott it could be a huge ventilation system for an underground city to vent out fumes of some kind?”

And user The UFO Experience added: “My impression is it might be some kind of mobile drilling machine.”

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