The Great Pyramid of Giza Mechanism has connections to Atlantis and Planet X

A recent study found a connection between the Great Pyramid mechanism and recent flood hot topics, Atlantis,…

A recent study found a connection between the Great Pyramid mechanism and the recent hot topics of the flood, Atlantis and Planet X.

The key question is, how can you convince individuals who are skeptical of your research and who think your theory is just another theory that you did, in fact, solve the puzzle of the Great Pyramid?

No stargates or Tesla generators can be found inside the Great Pyramid. We subscribe to the formal definition of the archaeological site of Giza as a considerable necropolis.

People need to realize that the Great Pyramid was never a mystery, but a cunningly hidden object. The mechanism of the Great Pyramid was simple, making it possible for any scientist with common sense to solve the mystery and understand its message.

The mechanism was discovered by hundreds of experts and scientists who accompanied Napoleon on his campaign to Egypt in 1798.

Champollion decoded hieroglyphics using the Rosetta Stone, topographic surveys, the study of the arts, society and architecture. We also solved this mystery, but if our work is not widely publicized by the media, it will always be a mystery to the general public and less of a big secret.

If you\’re a fan of this amazing pyramid, which I\’m sure you are, watch this mind-blowing video.


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