NASA whistleblowers have claimed the US space agency is covering up evidence of the top-secret alien structure on the moon

NASA conspirators/whistleblowers have full assurance that the US space agency has been covering UFO evidence since the very first Apollo mission.

After the US administration expressed serious interest in UFOs, NASA chief Bill Nelson began researching them. He doesn’t believe UFOs are extraterrestrials and if they were he would be aware of it. However, we do have a list of former NASA employees who believe in UFOs, including Gordon Cooper, Edgar Mitchell Story Musgrave, and others.

Since the very first Apollo mission, NASA conspirators/whistleblowers have been absolutely certain that the US space program is covering up evidence of UFOs. In the early 1970s, Donna Hare claimed to have worked for NASA contractor Philco Ford. She was allowed to enter the NASA photography lab as well as other divisions with a high clearance.

Hare claimed that NASA covered up and removed space anomalies such as UFOs from satellite imagery during the Disclosure Project press conference. Hare has won several accolades for his contributions to space initiatives. She has worked as a technical artist on space programs for most of her career. She was a subcontractor to NASA for 15 years, creating lunar maps and landing presentations.

“It seems easier to explain the Moon’s non-existence than its existence,” noted former NASA scientist Robin Brett, who was one of the first to investigate and direct studies of lunar rocks. Furthermore, scientists estimate that the Moon is about 800,000 years older than Earth, which presents several problems.

Karl Wolfe, a former U.S. Air Force sergeant who died in a bicycle accident in 2018, was another individual with a similar story to Donna Hare. He also worked at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, where he had top-secret clearance.

Karl worked for NASA’s Lunar Orbiter Project as a precision electronic photography repairman. Another worker took him to a lab one day and showed him a photo of fake buildings on the lunar colony. These images were taken before the Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

Wolfe came out in 2001, claiming to have seen photographic evidence of an alien construct on the far side of the Moon.

Wolfe said in a video interview that he had a top-secret clearance and worked for the Tactical Air Command at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia in the mid-1960s. photographic surveillance, where he spent most of his time working on devices that processed surveillance footage from Vietnam.

Wolfe said one day he was instructed by his boss to report to an NSA facility at the base to help with a problem with the equipment used to process images from the lunar orbiter’s first mission. He introduced himself to the facility, which he described as a vast hangar-like structure with several foreign nationals dressed in civilian clothes and accompanied by interpreters – an unusual sight for a military officer.

“By the way,” said the former aviator, “we discovered a base on the underside of the moon.” He was alone in a dark room with another second-class airman when the other enlisted declared.

“’From whom?’ I asked. ‘What exactly do you mean?’ Wolfe remembered something. He claimed that he was intrigued by the statement, but was concerned that his conversation would be overheard. The aviator then showed him a photo mosaic composed of many passes by the lunar orbiter, as Wolfe noted.

“He took one of these mosaics and showed this base with geometric shapes — there were towers, spherical buildings, very tall towers and things that looked like radar antennas, but they were very large structures,” explained Wolfe.

Wolfe is not the only whistleblower whose death has been shrouded in mystery. In the 1960s, former US Army Command Sergeant. Major Robert Orel Dean claimed to have read an article entitled “The Assessment” while working for NATO in France. The article, he claims, includes “photos of dead aliens, crashed UFOs, and reports from military pilots and experts.” He died a week before Wolfe in 2018, which was a coincidence.


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