We sent a message to space in 1974, and in 2001 we received a response.

The location of the Earth in the solar system, the composition of human DNA, and other pertinent information were launched into space by scientists in 1974. We received an answer in 2001 that no one has ever paid attention to.

Carl Sagan used radio waves to transmit the “Arecibo” message into space in an effort to find intelligent alien species.

The strongest radio broadcast ever made into space by humans was the message intended for intelligent extraterrestrial aliens.

A normal television broadcast is one million times weaker than the signal delivered into space.

The visual communication, which was sent to a group of stars more than 25,000 light years distant, was intended to inspire a comparable reaction from another civilisation.

The radio broadcast contained information that an advanced extraterrestrial culture should know, such as the position of Earth inside our solar system, the fundamentals of arithmetic and physics, and the kind of antenna that was used to transmit the signal.

The radio transmission that Carl Sagan and his associates created includes details about our species, our music, even our outward look, as well as our DNA codes.

People stopped remembering the signal a few years after it was sent. Then, already in 2001, 27 years later, a ” Crop Circle “—a crop circle—appears, jolting the scientific world.

The surprise was when a pattern in a farm field appeared close to the Chilbolton, the world’s biggest completely addressable weather radar and the UK’s largest telescope and observatory, and it appeared to be a reaction to the signal that had been transmitted back in 1974.

Given that this crop circle, unlike others, transmitted a message directly from space, it was regarded by many as one of the most stunning and significant crop circles ever to form on our planet.

The crop circle in Chilbolton was initially brushed off by many as just another hσαх, but research revealed that it contained a message or, more precisely, a reaction from another civilisation.

The Chilbolton Crop Circle was the conclusive explanation we had always hoped for, explaining the emitter picture, non-human DNA, a distinct solar system in the cosmos, and a few microwave antennas.

Amazingly, a circle of unknown shape first emerged alongside Chilbolton in the year 2000, one year before the extraterrestrial message was revealed.

When the pieces of the jigsaw came together a year later, we realized that the crop circle that had emerged in 2000 was actually an image of the microwave telescope that had transmitted the signal to us.

Three days after the puzzling solution surfaced near Chilbolton in 2001, a second crop circle was discovered that looked to show an extraterrestrial face.

The binary code’s decimal counterparts were not altered from the original “Arecibo,” claims the librarypleyades.net webpage. The building blocks of life, however, now have different atomic numbers:

Between oxygen (atomic number 8), phosphorus, and silicon (atomic number 14), which was introduced in the exact right order (atomic number 15).

Ben Volcani, a famous microbiologist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, made the important discovery of silicon’s function in carbon-based life in 1969.

His research and that of his colleagues, including Charles Mehard at Scripps and Edith Carlisle at UCLA in the 1970s, showed that silicon is essential for the formation of human cells as well as a range of terrestrial life forms, such as the fusion of cartilage and mineral elements in bones.

Whether the crop circle that emerged in Chilbolton was really an alien answer is still up for dispute.

The 2001 Chilbolton, however, is widely believed to be a true communication from a different intelligent extraterrestrial civilisation in the cosmos, and many people also believe that we get signals identical to this virtually every day.

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