Unusual stone circle found in Turkey intrigues the UFO community

Today, the bizarre photo of a strange stone circle has gone viral, spurring the UFO community. I also came across a video on the UFO Mania YouTube channel that solicited feedback from viewers, posing the question, “What exactly is this? Where is this peculiar building located?

I did some research and found the following:

This Stone Circle, located in the Turkish province of Mersin, is a perfect geometric shape that developed naturally or was previously engraved.

This petroglyph is intriguing because it exactly mimics the first pictograms that were discovered in English countryside in 1990: two circles connected by a central bar.

It is already approaching the completion of a 30 year cycle and a complete turn of Saturn, which indicates HARVEST of time. All of this tells me that the 2020 crop circles season is about to begin. Also, 1990\’s English pictograms are comparable to this stone carving.

According to one user, this stone circle could be a “sign to the Earth, its moon and the flow of energy”.

Another user says:

“I had seen it, been there, and it was great!”

How do you feel about the stone circle? What can this mean? Check out the video below.

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