The Theory of Reptilians on Earth, everything you need to know

Throughout their entire history, humans have almost overwhelmingly posed some questions about outer space that we still know very little about. Among the frequently asked questions are, of course, whether we are alone in the entire cosmos, something that studies have shown to be very unlikely.

That are?

Also known as lizardmen or draconians, they are a species of reptiles with humanoid form that, initially, can be taken as part of an imaginary character that managed to fit in with a large part of the community whose origin is proposed to evolution. of a race, parallel to the human, endowed with intelligence on Earth.

To get closer to the conspiracy theories regarding whether there are reptilians among us, we will say that they are generally associated with beings with an original appearance similar to reptiles who take the body of a human who is influential in some aspects related to matters such as the politics of our world.

What is your goal?
Perhaps the main concern of those who firmly believe in the possibility that there are reptilians among us is to think what their goals would be if, as they say, these beings have a great interest in visiting our planet.

According to some hypotheses, the main reason there are reptilians among us is because they plan, in one way or another, to carry out acts like colonizing the entire human race and gradually becoming, with their adapted humanoid form, our leaders starting with some executive fields to achieve its purpose.

Another latent fear for people that we have already mentioned is that, for example, these species of individuals are cunning enough to seek to investigate everything about the human body, in addition to being interested in some things like drinking our blood or devouring our flesh.

known characters
As we have already mentioned, the reptilians would seek to assume the human form of figures whose social influence is of great repercussion for the world, so many claim that great celebrities and / or political figures are in reality no longer themselves, but are just their appearance covering one of those beings that seek to dominate entire countries.

Undoubtedly, this has been one of the most pressing issues within the modern community. If these topics are of great interest to you and your friends, be sure to share this interesting information so you can discuss it together.

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