The story of Philip James Corso, the man who claimed to have seen lifeless alien bodies in Roswell

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Corso received further instruction at Fort Riley Military Intelligence School and held senior positions in the United States and abroad, earning 19 decorations and working directly with President Eisenhower.

All over the world, but especially in the United States, a person who served his country without blemish on record and being an example to all his fellow citizens, his opinions are far more credible than any other. And it is precisely this combination of data that caused such a stir in the 90s, when Philip decides to publicly tell what he experienced in first person in the most controversial case in the history of ufology: Roswell.

Corpos alienígenas sem vida em Roswell

In 1947, Philip worked on the Roswell case at the Kansas base, where the military accumulated the remains of what was said to be a flying saucer. In fact, there were up to 5 Roswell trucks with various equipment, which Filippo assigned himself for his technological research (and later reverse engineering).

Corpos alienígenas sem vida em Roswell

Lifeless alien bodies in Roswell
In fact, it was concluded that the ship itself was more of a space-time device in which its occupants traveled from remote points in the universe, as it had no known engines or propulsion systems.

From his studies, great results were obtained that made it possible to promote the existing technology with inventions such as optical fiber, integrated circuits, night vision equipment, super resistant fibers such as Kevlar, etc. And many were introduced to various civilian companies such as IBM, Hughes Aircraft, Bell Labs and Dow Corning.

In addition to all this technology, Philip had in his hands the remains of the ship\’s occupants. Small humanoids, with characteristics similar to what we call “ashes”, that lie in coffin-like boxes, completely inert.

Corpos alienígenas sem vida em Roswell

Lifeless alien bodies in Roswell
All this information Philip released through the book he published in 1997, The Day After Roswell. Corso\’s testimony shook the world that year, and his book posted one of the best-selling numbers, according to the New York Times. Philip J. Corso has had a military career with positions in military intelligence and as a special designee at the Pentagon under General Arthur Trudeau. Everything Philip denounced was much more relevant for that simple fact, even more so when it was not the first time that what happened in Roswell had been discussed.

Philip was one of the first to join the Disclosure Project and collaborate on what he believed to be the truth the US government kept hidden. What did Felipe gain by telling all this at age 82? Who do you think was only looking for fame or got rich with a book of such repercussion?

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