Our moon was brought here millions of years ago by two reptilian brothers – Wowane and Mpanku

We know that the Moon is a satellite of our planet, but what we never had an answer for is whether it is a natural construction or not.

If it\’s artificial, which is commonly accepted by many scientists today, who brought it here and why?

We already have proof that the Moon is artificial, just look at it. He\’s circling our planet and staring at us all the way. If it was just a normal satellite, it should be rotating too, but instead it\’s keeping its direction.

Not only that, but when the Apollo 11 mission began, the planet also didn\’t vibrate at all when the spacecraft landed on the surface in 1969.

Zulu Shaman believes that the secret behind it all lies behind the brothers Wowane and Mpanku. According to him, these Water Brothers were the rulers of the Reptilians for many hundreds of generations, during the Golden Age.

After stealing the Moon from the Great Fire Dragon and emptying it only to use its shell as camouflage, they ascended to Earth and pushed it out of its original position. This is one of the reasons why women have menstruation these days.

They are also believed to have interacted with humanity in the past, with humanity considering them to be the legendary Anunnaki at the time.

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