Glowing Object When Calling ET To Them, Independence, Missouri, UFO Sighting News.

Watch this! Some people got together to try to use mental powers…telepathy to call over an alien entity to them. Long story short…it worked. This orb appeared soon during the calling and passed over them. I have tried it myself in the past and it worked the first time, but never again. Just mentally relax, focus your thoughts on your brothers and sisters in the sky and feel feelings of love and kindness toward them. They will often appear. No special powers, no religious titles needed, just you…and it will come.

Eyewitness states: On July 13, 2022, my brother and I were outside looking at the supermoon and skywatching when we decided to try the Quantum UFO Observation Technique using telepathy to send out a message. I said “If there are any non-human entities in the area please let yourself be known.” Two minutes later my brother spotted a bright object the size of an aspirin held at arm\’s length headed straight towards us from the west. I got out my camera and just as it was over head at about 80 degrees the object veered to the NE, making a change in trajectory. I filmed it using my cell phone video. The object had a rounded shape on the bottom and it was a very bright blue/white light with a dark ring around it. The pictures do not show how bright this was. There was no sound. I looked up the ISS and it WAS visible in Independence at that exact same time, except it was at 48 degrees at its highest point and it did not change trajectory. I also looked up Flight Radar 24 and there was nothing at that time that was in the sky. Also in the video but not visible to the naked eye was a beam of light that appeared near us and a stationary linear object in the sky for which I can find no explanation.

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