Babylonian texts claim “humanity had an extraterrestrial connection”

A team of British Museum archaeologists discovered thousands of clay tablets with cuneiform writing in northern Iraq in 1849. These texts would reveal a connection between humans and extraterrestrials.

Conexão alienígena: textos babilônicos antigos provam que os humanos já 'fizeram contato'

Humanity\’s connection with aliens is a topic that continues to be discussed. Despite the different evidence found in ancient cultures, science still does not accept it. Now the Babylonian texts could confirm this contact.

Ancient connection with an alien race
Experts believe the text was written in the 7th century BC. C., by the Babylonian priests. The discovered tablets, according to interpretations, were 2 mysterious treasures known as “The Star Catalogs of Babylon”. These tablets detail the exact movements of various celestial planets, known today as the zodiac.

These writings had a religious view of life and their religion was dedicated to the gods of the many constellations. What is understood as cosmic religion.

Experts say the tablets show that the ancient civilization obtained divine wisdom from star travelers.

The Babylonian star catalogs are an immense collection of information that has exact mathematical equations, distances between planets and esoteric knowledge that a primordial civilization possessed.

Some theorists point out that the only way the Babylonians had this information is that there was a connection with extraterrestrials. whom they called gods.

alien messages
The Babylonians portrayed Orion as a constellation and a superior person. Orion is known as the faithful shepherd of heaven and the chief god of the heavenly regions.

Conexão alienígena: textos babilônicos antigos provam que os humanos já 'fizeram contato'

An ancient image of Orion was discovered to be a bird-shaped figure that was known as the messenger. His position could imply that he was delivering communications from Earth to Orion.

About the image, Robert Powell, writer of “The Story of the Zodiac”, stated:

“Is it possible that what we have here is a very primitive account of a form of interplanetary communication?”

Babylonian star catalogs may even chronicle an ancient alien space station circling Earth and inhabited by ancient aliens from Orion.

The connection with aliens from ancient civilizations is still a hotly debated topic. However, that the Babylonians had a connection with aliens from the constellation of Orion is something few knew.

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