US Navy Commander Witnessed a Strange UFO Leaving The Ocean With Astonishing Speed

An unidentifiable aircraft is said to have emerged from the water and glided next to a former US Navy commander-in-plane. chief’s

On February 10, 1951, the event happened when the commander and his crew were traveling from Iceland to Newfoundland. The young commander and his squad had a strange incident on the journey that would affect them for the rest of their lives.

The group noticed an odd glow spreading out from the ocean and across a huge area. The men assumed they were flying above a city since the “object” was so big.

The glow changed into a massive ring of strange lights floating over the water as they came closer to it. Then, a golden halo appeared.

The crew had to turn off the autopilot and lower the plane’s altitude to prevent crashing with the UFO when it abruptly approached the plane’s height. The skipper and his crew described the “object” as having enormous proportions.

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