Experts assert that a strange force destroyed all life on Mars.

After extensive investigation, a group of scientists from many nations said that they had come to the conclusion that Mars was once populated, but that all signs of biological life were wiped out by an unknown destructive force.

The soil samples from Gale Crater underwent thorough analyses by the experts.

Scientists were able to draw the conclusion that Mars was suitable for the existence of biological life for millions of years as a result of the investigation’s findings.

The greatest enigma is the unidentified factor that has resulted in the total extinction of all life on Earth. What may have triggered such a catastrophic worldwide event?

There are some scientists who think that Mars is where life first began on Earth.

The planet Mars was pounded by a deluge of meteorites millions of years ago.

Mars looks to have been broken up into space-traveling pieces, some of which may have made it to Earth.

A Mars meteorite was found in Japan last year. Additionally, it included extraterrestrial bacterium that was 4 billion years old.

It appears that this meteorite would have delivered alien life to Earth.

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